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Movie Prometheus Analysis (giant aliens/gods)

› Movie Prometheus Analysis (giant aliens/gods)

1.       Symbols

2.       Giant Aliens / Gods

3.       Creation Story / DNA Manipulation

4.       Space Jesus / Similar Jesus Stories in other cultures

5.       Dangers of Time / Space Travel

6.       Conclusion / Lessons to be Learned

These engineers are depicted as giants on purpose. They’re a representation of the nephilims, whom were giants mentioned in the bible (average about 9-15 feet tall… biggest human skeleton claimed to be found nearly complete was 25’6” near a castle of Chaumont in France). They were the offspring of “fallen angels” mating with human females. The “fallen angels” themselves were described to have similar heights.

Also, the size of the engineer could have been influenced by the myth of the Giant Sumerian gods, the Anunnaki. According to the myth, these giants came to Earth and created humans as servants for themselves. But the Anunaki later freed humans when they became too much to handle.


At the end of the movie the engineer jumps into his cockpit to start flying his ship. This resembles the controversial sarcophagus lid of an ancient Mayan king. It’s another piece of evidence that the ancient astronaut theorist use as proof we were visited by aliens in the past. The stone deity represents Kukulcan who came from the stars and returned there.

Displayed at Museo Regional de Ica

Cranial Deformation

The Paracas culture resided on the coast of Peru, south of the capital Lima. Some estimates are that this culture existed between 700 BC and 100 AD, but sources vary, mainly because very little carbon 14 testing has been conducted on organic materials found in the area. Julio C. Tello (1880 to 1947), the "father" of Peruvian archaeology, conducted archaeological digs around the Paracas area in 1927 and 1928 as a result of learning that tomb robbers had found large caches of funerary materials, including highly prized textiles, as well as ceramics and ceremonial offerings at a site called Cerro Colorado, which is now a protected area inside the Paracas Ecological Reserve.

Little work has been done by archaeologists since Tello's time, but the plundering of the tombs of the nobility of this culture has gone on, ceaselessly, up to this very day. One intriguing aspect of this culture which has been overlooked by most researchers is the fact that the nobility practiced skull binding, resulting in cranial deformation. They were not unique in this, as the process of manipulating the shape of a child's head in infancy was practiced by many cultures, at different times, around the world. These other cultures include those in ancient Iraq, Russia, Melanesia, Malta, North America, Mexico, and possibly Egypt during the Amarna period: Tutankhamen has been cited as having an elongated head, but that is disputed by many scholars.

The Paracas situation is somewhat unique in that Childress, and his colleagues Juan Navarro and Brien Foerster, claim to have identified at least five distinct shapes of elongated skull, each being predominant in specific cemeteries. The largest and most striking are from a site called Chongos, near the town of Pisco, north of Paracas. These skulls are called "cone heads" by many who see them, because of their literal conical appearance. Testing of these have illustrated that, on average, their cranial capacity is 1.5 liters, approximately 25% larger than contemporary skulls, and they weigh as much as 60 percent more. The skulls' eye orbit cavities are significantly larger than contemporary skulls, and the jaws are both larger and thicker. Moreover, the Chongos skulls have two small holes at the back. Childress and Foerster suggest that: these holes are naturally occurring foramen and not cranial deformation and; that blood vessels and perhaps nerves exited them and fed cranial skin tissue.

The people that do this say it's to imitate their gods. They believe that if they stretch thier skull like how they're gods' skulls appeared, they would be able to obtain some of the "powers" they had. The only problem is that some of the skulls have an interior volume twice the size of a normal human's skull. No matter how much a human deforms their skull, it's impossible to increase the original volume of their interior cavity where the brain sits. 

Tassili N'ajjer  Sahara Dessert North Africa
Muerto Puru
European Cave Drawing

Cave drawings depicting giant deities that taught people on all continents: Australia, America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Real Photograph
Real Photograph

Although, a lot of efforts have been made to dis-inform the public by hosting Photoshop contests to create fake photos like the ones below and distribute them around the internet:

Fake Photograph
Fake Photograph
Fake Photograph
Fake Photograph

By running a simple search through Google, only fake images will be found at first.

Aliens (Xenomorphs) are based on the real-life goblin shark.

Japanese UFO

During the Second World War, American soldiers were sent to certain isolated islands in the south pacific. The natives of these islands (isolated from the outside world and technology) began making straw and bamboo fetishes resembling airplanes. These natives assumed that the American soldiers must have been gods since they fly down from the sky. This goes to show you that it is possible for us to assume people with advanced technology coming down from the sky could be mistaken as gods.

Perhaps there are two classes of engineers, those whom think we were a great creation and those whom wanted us dead. Perhaps this lead to a war amongst themselves where they turned on each other, kill each other off. By the way this is exactly what the Sumerian texts state happened in real life. It’s however important that although people/beings may have two opposing opinions on something, it’s impossible for them to be completely good or completely evil. At the same time they could have gotten displeased with the course humans were taking, worshiping idols, etc. (think why we received the 10 commandments and the great flood in Noah’s time).

These symbolic images draw a connection between the engineers and ancient man.

› Movie Prometheus Analysis (giant aliens/gods)