David Alsieux has mastered using wild herbs to empower others too busy for the gym to regain control over their lives and body.

After losing a family member, he began to study herbs which lead to curing his asthma and helping his former roommate from college lose 46 pounds in 4 months. He has since served more than 50 clients, helping them lose more than 1,000 pounds. His clients have overcome depression, anxiety, and exhaustion by only adding the right wild herbs to their lives.

He believes in exposing the myth of the “Eat Less, Move More” campaign, therefore he authored The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Through the Low Carb Weight Loss Plateau. This has helped hundreds of people take their first steps towards getting off the weight-loss roller coaster, to live more confident and impactful lives. He shares his expertise with more than 7,000 social media followers and more than 20,000 monthly readers on his website.

A graduate of NJIT, David majored in architecture and minored in sustainable design. Before this, David wrestled in high school where his disciplined weight control earned him an award named after him, which is given out each year to the hardest working wrestler. He lives in New Jersey with his girlfriend.