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"Are you tired of feeling tired at 10 a.m.?"

Hi, I’m David. Your friend that’s going to save you time and show you what really works so you can get back to enjoying your life!


Because I believe if I can help you then you can make a better world for those around you, and eventually for all of us.

Now let's learn from my experiments!

The Secret Shortcut?




A Few Ways I Can Help

Increase Energy by 50%

(from busy corporate workers, to busy parents)

Enjoy Keeping your Focus in just 1 Week

(from parents of struggling students to the cutting-edge educators of the world)

Sustain a Strong Body without going to the Gym

(from grandparents to beach bodies)

Latest Articles

Health Food Advertisements

Do you think the following ads are accurate in their claims?

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How to Decide Between Conflicting Information?

Have you ever been confused by conflicting health advice, or just conflicting information in general?

I have a simple 3 step method to help the next time you are confronted with varying viewpoints...

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Dr. Sebi

Do you know what happened October 1, 1988?

At the age of 55, Dr. Sebi proved to the New York State Supreme Court that it was possible to cure every disease.

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