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Top 5 "Healthy" Foods That Make You Fat

› Top 5 "Healthy" Foods That Make You Fat

This list may be hard for you to accept since throughout your entire life you’ve been taught that these foods are healthy, and thus good for you to eat. The fact is that “processed food” is never better than “natural food.” When you’re trying to lose weight, processed food is especially you’re enemy. But after you reach you’re ideal weight, these foods become fine to eat in moderation… the same way that you know eating cupcakes and candy is okay from time to time. The following list is the best out of the bad foods you could be eating, but when it comes to weight lost you need to avoid these to be able to see tremendous results.

Whole Wheat Bread

       1. Whole Wheat Bread – Now you probably know already how bad white bread is for you. Put simply, white bread is the equivalent to eating candy… they both contain high amounts of sugar, processed carbs (which are absorbed really fast in your body producing excess fat), high calories, no nutritional value, and end up making you hungry and tired after eating. The truth is that whole wheat bread is not that far off from eating white bread. It still has lots of the same high calories, processed carbs, and not that much fiber. Basically you want to stay away from all breads and starches. Oh and if you’ve ever heard of the recent health craze over sprouted-grain breads, so you know they are comparable to whole wheat bread and not really healthier.

Substitute: Brown Rice – This has more fiber and makes you feel fuller, so you’re not as hungry from eating empty calories (calories that provide you with no nutritional value). The fiber and selenium found in brown rice can also reduce your risk of many types of cancer. It also provides you with quality energy from both carbs and protein that’s sustained throughout the day, unlike from sugar which burns out. It has 80% of your daily value of manganese, which is good for synthesizing fatty acids that keep your nervous system in working order. Lastly, the oils found in brown rice can help lower cholesterol. Not to mention it’s relatively cheap.

Fruit Juice

       2. Fruit Juice – Okay, so you realize that soda is bad you probably stay away from this already I hope. I remember my old high school football coach preaching to us “Soda is Poison!” which is absolutely true. If I even try to drink soda now, since it’s been so many years since I’ve stopped drinking it, I will start to feel really sick after a while. But what’s so bad about fruit juice? Well if you think about it, fruit juice has a lot of sugar and no fiber. But when you eat a whole piece of fruit it has a lot of fiber and not nearly as much sugar. This is the problem when any food is “processed.” Fiber and any vitamins found in that food will be lost so that it can either taste better or store easier without spoiling. Now think about this, how many oranges does it take to fill a glass of orange juice? The answer is about 6 oranges depending on their sizes. Now you wouldn’t normally eat 6 oranges in one sitting, you would be over eating and feel sick. No matter what food you eat that’s healthy, if you over eat it becomes bad for you. Fruit juice is so easy to drink too much because it’s just juice… you probably drink it as if it’s water, but IT’S NOT.

Substitute: Water – This is the obvious choice, unless you want to eat whole pieces of fruit. A few interesting things to consider on your path to weight lose and general health… although you’re told to consume 8 cups of water a day, you gain water from eating fruit. If you eat a lot of fruit that you know contains a lot of water in it (like apples, oranges, watermelon, really all fruit) then you don’t have to drink as much water. Also, the other interesting thing is that if you want to maintain a healthy digestive system (that promotes you staying at a healthy weight) don’t drink anything that is too cold or too hot. Your body is only able to process liquids and food at your body’s natural temperature/room temperature. If it isn’t already at room temperature it’s going to sit in your stomach until it is. This is why drink tea is excellent (after it cools down a bit) because you’re body digests it much easier and benefits from it. The best tea is green tea, since it contains the most antioxidants that boost your immune system. Also, coconut water is very good to drink as another substitute. If you’re brave buy a whole coconut and cut a hole in it to place a straw to drink the water. Then you can cut it open and scrap the inside to eat for even more natural sugars, vitamins/minerals, and high fiber. Besides it being so much fun to drink out of a coconut, it tastes really good, although you may have to acquire the taste. Beware of drinking coconut water in a metal can, anything in a metal can means it had to be processed and most of the nutrients are end up killed.

Granola and Milk

       3. Granola – The reason it’s so bad for weight lose is because it’s high in fat, calories, sugars, and carbs. Also when you eat granola cereal you typically consume milk with it. Milk is not good for losing fat either, because of the same reasons. Although the labeling on the packing of granola can be very misleading, claiming to be extremely healthy, the fact is that it’s not for losing and maintaining a healthy weight.  

Substitute: Oatmeal – All natural (no sugar or preservatives added) and whole grain oatmeal is excellent with warm water. Fruits like bananas, strawberries, blueberries (which is the healthiest fruit since it contains the most amount of antioxidants) can be chopped up and added to your oatmeal. AVOID instant oatmeal, although it looks the same and cooks in only one minute, opposed to 3-5 minutes it’s not good for you. It contains extra sugar and flavoring since it is processed, which is what you’re avoiding with this list.

Sports Drinks

       4. Sports Drinks – Gatorade, Powerade, and Vitamin Water are all bad for you… unless you’re an “in-session” athlete playing an exhausting sport. That’s biggest thing that’s left out of their commercials you see on TV. A little warning needs to tell you that you have to be currently playing a sport; otherwise it makes a BIG difference. These drinks are very high in electrolytes, salt, sugar, and carbs, since you lose all of this when you sweat in excess on a regular basis. If you didn’t already sweat that much from working out, then drinking all of this extra sugar, etc. will just get stored as fat. Instead of replenishing your body, you’re actually harming it due to excess. Only athletes (not regular people, even if you workout for 30 minutes a day, this isn’t enough) need these drinks, because they burn so many calories that it’s needed to prevent muscle lose (yes, if you’re body is not well-hydrated, after sweating out water and burning fat for energy, your body will start to actually burn your muscles for energy, so be careful). *Note: Salt is very bad for you in excess, so try to avoid adding too much to your meals. You’d be surprised to find out how much food already has salt added to it, without you having to add more.

Substitute: Same as above, Water, Green Tea, Coconut Water (has high potassium for energy), Whole Fruit (Bananas have high potassium for energy)

Organic Junk Food

       5. Organic Junk Food – This may sound contradicting, but it’s not. When you go to a healthy food star, like Whole Foods, you often seen tons of “convenient” processed food that’s labeled as healthy. Examples of this include: organic pizzas, organic potatoes chips, organic donuts (haha), organic muffins, etc. Even if a muffin claims to be gluten free, etc. it’s not good to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Although these foods are better than your average junk food, it’s still not better than eating real natural, un-processed, whole foods. Think of it like this… you’re about to eat a slice of pizza, but you’re smart, before you eat it you dab off the grease with a napkin. Granted it’s much healthy doing this, but you could still be eating something that’s all together much better.

Substitute: So in general what are the best foods you need to be eating? Vegetables, Fruit, and Meat (Salmon is the healthiest food hands down). Now I’m not suggesting you go on the strictest diet ever, eating only natural food and never processed food for the rest of your life. It’s impossible, so don’t try to. The golden rule is that food processed food is okay in moderation. Once your already at your ideal weight, then it’s okay to splurge more and consume more processed foods… but if you’re serious about cutting weight, these are the foods you need to cut from your diet to see amazing results. Best of luck to you!

P.S. Please don’t try starving yourself either. A truly proper diet consists of 6 meals a day… not the average 3 meals a day. Defiantly don’t try eating less than 3 meals a day either. The key is to eat small portions of food every few hours. Why? Because once you stop chewing/eating you’re body’s metabolism (stomach) goes to sleep. When that happens food isn’t digested and gets stored as fat. If you constantly eat small portioned meals 6 times a day, then your body is constantly at work burning/processing the food you eat. Losing fat (not water weight) is a slow process; you have to be patient and consistent if you want the results to be permanent.

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› Top 5 "Healthy" Foods That Make You Fat
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