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Movie Prometheus Analysis (creation story/dna manipulation)

› Movie Prometheus Analysis (creation story/dna manipulation)

1.       Symbols

2.       Giant Aliens / Gods

3.       Creation Story / DNA Manipulation

4.       Space Jesus / Similar Jesus Stories in other cultures

5.       Dangers of Time / Space Travel

6.       Conclusion / Lessons to be Learned

Mars being Terraformed

These lines lead them into the engineer’s pyramid. Deep inside they discover that somehow terraforming is occurring. Literally terraforming means “Earth-shaping” a planet or moon. It’s the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the biosphere of Earth, in order to make it habitable by humans. This is a theory that Rigely Scott might be proposing that happened on Earth via other beings in our distant past. There was a time in Earth’s history where the atmosphere was toxic and exhaust-like. Scientists have a hypothesis that over 65 million years ago dinosaurs were wiped out when an asteroid struck the Ukatan peninsula, causing mega-tsunamis, global wild-fires, and dust that blanketed the earth for almost a decade. Today, there are ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization around the crater that supposedly killed our dinosaurs. So, Rigegly Scott may be proposing that some of the pyramids on Earth might be functioning as terraforming stations around the world. It is true that certain major pyramids have been built along “lay-lines” and at the exact places where the Earth’s chakras appear to be (more on this here). It’s been proven already that those pyramids do affect our Earth’s electro-magnetic field, which is very important controlling a number of phenomenons on our planet. This means it’s either true that humans were exceptionally smart in our past and understood the effect they could possess over the earth for the betterment of human survival/civilization, or aliens did. (Also the Egyptian Pyramid of Giza is able to produce “free energy” which could have been used to power a number of devices wirelessly… click here for more).

Engineer's Home Planet
Tehuacan Pyramids
Mayan Pyramid

Pyramids seem to be activating on the home planet of the engineers. This mirrors an image and concept floating around the internet. The idea is that since pyramids without a doubt naturally possess certain powers (due to their geometry and placement on the Earth) and plus the fact that we know the Pyramid of Giza at least was capable of generating free energy, its believed that it could be beamed upward and as seen in Kirlian photograph it is naturally. This could either be going to power a space ship or may have another function. The pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacan represent duality of consciousness and experience, balance is the goal (for more info on this theory click here).

Ica Peru Stones - Suggests Humans and Dinosaurs lived at the same time

Shaw discovers that the alien DNA matches human DNA. David says, “all big things have a small beginning” while staring at the black goo from a jar (which happens to be the alien blood/DNA). Can you say, genetic modification?


Ampoules in the Movie
Ancient Egyptian Clay Pots
Sumerian Drawing of our Creation Story

Also the ceremonial room suggests that the engineers’ religion may be that of DNA manipulation, due to the hundreds of ampoules found beneath the giant sculpture of an Engineer’s head. Ampoules are typically small glass vials that are hermetically sealed after being filled. They are mostly used as containers for a solution that is to be used for injection (i.e. medicine or in this case DNA manipulation purposes). This can also be seen in imagery from the Sumerian Creation Myth, where these ampoules are being used during the creation of humans. The possible representation of this may refer to the Bagdad batteries. This is a famous piece of evidence that ancient astronaut theorists use to show that technology was taught to ancient made. These small clay cups date back about 2,000 years old (another reference to the time of Jesus Christ). A small copper tube was entered into the narrow neck of the clay cup, and then a rod made of an alloy of different metals was inserted into the tube. When filled with hydrochloric acid the device produces an electric current. Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Volta invented the electric cell/battery 1,800 years later in Italy. Also, there’s something that exists today called a bio battery. It’s an energy storing device that is powered by organic compounds, usually being glucose, such as the glucose in human blood (or cola like in the below picture). In the movie it appears that the engineers have a black blood, and the liquid inside of the movie’s ampoules is black as well. Since there’s a ton of them in the engineer’s space ship, one can assume they may be used to power the engineer’s ship. Although, it’s likely the movie meant them to just function for DNA manipulation purposes, this is another possibility.

Movie Ampoule
Baghdad Battery
Bio Battery
Creation Disc showing Aliens genetically engineered us

Seed/modify life on this planet for another alien to use us to reproduce, feed on, experiment with, etc. In ancient civilizations people were chosen to live for a year as a prince, at the end of which they were sacrificed to the gods. The engineers do this on earth and other planets as well. The engineers came back several times to check on their creation.

› Movie Prometheus Analysis (creation story/dna manipulation)