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How the "Vitamin Replacement Challenge" can help take your pregnancy diet plan to the next level!

What's the number one thing your doctor will tell you to do for nutrition?

Take prenatal vitamins of course, right?

But what if you instead took control of your own pregnancy diet plan and ate the correct natural food (what I like to call Gnosis Food, since not all "natural" food is created equal), wouldn't you be giving your baby a far better nutrition?

This is not just an opinion, there are 3 main reasons why gnosis eating is superior to any kind of supplement you can find:

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Reason #1

Gnosis food, unlike a supplement, is LIVING. It's ALIVE!!!

But think about it...

We're living right? So it would only make sense to eat other living food.

Most people don't realize that when something is alive, like us, it creates certain chemicals that help protect it from dis-ease...

Such as: natural enzymes, probiotics, antioxidant phytonutrients (researchers estimate up to 40,000 will be cataloged and understood one day), vitamins, minerals... you get the idea.

And when we eat living food, we can also gain the benefits of those dis-ease fighting chemicals.

This cannot be duplicated by taking any combination of supplements according to Colorado State University's research department. (Read about the rest of their findings)

Reason #2


What the heck is that?

To put it simply, it's a measurement that tells us if our bodies are able to actually break down the nutrients from what we ingest... via absorbing it into our bloodstream.

Have you ever noticed that when you take a vitamin, your body sometimes doesn't fully absorb it?

Most people don't realize that the majority of vitamins on the market today have very low bioavaialbity, due to the size of their cellular structure.

Prescription prenatal vitamins have much better bioavaialbity than other "over the counter" supplements (especially in liquid form), but they still do not compare to eating and chewing gnosis food.

Or blending gnosis food to make smoothies for that matter! :)

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Reason #3

Food Alchemy.

To unlock the true benefits of "gnosis eating" you must take advantage of this.

You probably have heard of this proverb before...

"It takes a whole village to raise a child."

You see food works in a similar way, in that eating food in isolation is fine...

But when you combine certain foods together, they work synergistically in our bodies to help each other be absorbed. 

How cool is that?

Similarly if you combine certain people in a family that don't get along... well you can guess the rest.

This benefit is mostly missed with supplements.

Lastly, this is often overlooked... but "the dose makes the poison."

Vitamin deficiency is rare unless a person's diet is limited and lacks variety.  So when you start taking a "daily recommended" dose in a supplemental form, that's assuming you're not getting much of that nutrition from the food you're already eating.  

But if you are eating healthy food and on top of that taking a strong supplement frequently, then you run a risk of taking too much of that specific nutrient... which can be just as toxic as a deficiency.

This risk is alleviated when the nutrients come packaged in a whole food source, which is naturally balanced with complementary nutrients and thousands of health-supporting phytonutrients not found in any supplement.

But don't feel bad if you find it's hard to eat the required variety of foods...

Usually this happens due to palatability issues at any given stage during pregnancy. It takes time to adapt to food if we're not used to eating it.

In which case you should definitely take a supplement to avoid malnutrition... your doctor should be able to help you with this by checking your blood for any deficiencies or over-dosages over the course of your pregnancy.

While we may not necessarily need to be complete from A to Zinc every day, the important thing is to put some time and your own research into your diet and find a regimen that provides for your optimal vitamin and nutritional program.

So now if you're excited to take control and get back in sync with your body, then I invite you to join in on the "Vitamin Replacement Challenge" and learn all about "Gnosis Eating."

And while this is free, because I'm committed to helping you improving your and your baby's health... I just ask that you do one thing:

If you absolutely LOVE this, please share it with a close friend that you know could benefit from it. This will help me get the word out about this too, so that I thank you for!

I wish you and your baby the best of luck during your pregnancy! :)

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