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Secrets to Owning an Online Business

› Secrets to Owning an Online Business


The reason I’m choosing to write this page is because I feel that there are 16 basic needs that everyone deserves to have fulfilled in their lifetime:

1.       Have Financial Abundance

2.       Be Happy

3.       Live Your Dream

4.       Save Time

5.       Develop a Talent or Skill

6.       Obtain Increased Health

7.       Have More Leisure and Recreation

8.       Increase Sense of Purpose

9.       Live in a Clean, Beautiful Environment

10.   Be Honored and Respected

11.   Gain Control Over Your Life

12.   Feel Good About Yourself

13.   Develop Your Full Potential

14.   Enjoy Loving Relationships

15.   Create Beauty

16.   Have Hope in the Future

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that the majority of us can only claim a few on this list. It is very rare to see someone that possesses all of these qualities. But why does it have to be that way? Why is it that we all do not live equally today, and yet we preach that we’re all equal? Something is inherently wrong with this. And with this page (and website), I seek to help those whom are ready to have all of these qualities in our lives today. I believe everything happens for a reason, and the fact that you are reading this right now means that you are ready to create a great change in your life too.

I do not claim to have all of the answers at all, because I’m honestly still learning plenty everyday, which I realize is a never ending process. But as I learn how to do things for myself, I truly want to be able to share with others my experiences, so that we may all grow together as one. This is how I feel things should be done.

Now, to give you a quick background on me so you can understand where I’m coming from… I’ve just recently graduated from college with a Bachelor of Architecture degree and Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Design. I picked a focus in sustainable design, because no matter what I was doing I always wanted to provide a real service to everyone… not just people with money. So far I’ve worked underneath two separate architects, both of which started out great… but then ended with them running out of money and not being able to pay me what I was owned. After the second time, I started to open my eyes to see what else is out there. I started by running a search through Google, “Smart ways to earn money.” I typed those specific words, because I already understood that it doesn’t matter how hard you work, if you’re putting all your energy in the wrong direction.

“Work Smart, not Hard.” - unknown

What I began to see was how many people were able to earn a TON of money using the internet, with just about any idea you could imagine. No matter how weird an idea was (and trust me when I say that), they all seemed to work. So I began to think, if any idea could work… then what is it that stops people from becoming successful? Then I began to realize it came down to two things:

1.       Most people did not possess the same amount of knowledge as others.

2.       Most people gave up on their idea within the first 6 months.

I hope to help you with both of these issues, so that you may be able to create the life we all truly deserve. The fact is, that with the proper motivation and information, you can without a doubt create a successful online business to replace your current job… do not let all of the misinformation and scams out there deter this simple truth.

Again, any idea can work... What matters is your determination!


Now this is going to be a huge change in most of our lives, which can become very overwhelming and cause many people to give up. But what I have found that works best with me, is if I break up a huge goal into smaller steps. If I can see the steps and be able to cross them out as I go, I feel my goals are always much more obtainable. So now what are the secret steps that I’m currently following?

1.       Create a blog about something you truly care about.

2.       Create a list of other people’s products and services related to the idea you chose.

3.       Create your own product and/or service related to your idea again.

Finding your Niche

Obviously this is the most important step, because you have to seriously take the time out to sit down and decide what you could honestly say you feel good about doing, and imagine doing it for the rest of your life.

What is it that can cause you to not wait to get out of bed, and even sometimes accidently cause you to forget about eating and/or sleeping… all because you’re so into what you’re doing you lose track of time. This is how it is for me, and how it will be for you once you find your niche.  If you would like to learn about how I came to discover my niche and find my motivation for creating this website, then please click here.

Remember, we have to stay consistent with this and constantly provide updates with new “articles” on our blog that teaches our readers something new every time. This is by far the most powerful way to “advertise” because you are providing a free value to the world, which then builds trust with our readers. Once they realize how passionate you are about your niche, they will know you are guiding them in the right direction with either: the products/services you recommend and/or create.

Also, you should feel that every article you write is your best article. This is because every time you write a new one, you’re progressively getting better. Still feel like you need some more help on creating a successful writing style? Then please click here.

Information Products v.s. Tangible Products

Even if you don’t have your own product or service to sell yet, you can start by promoting/recommending other people’s products/services on your blog by creating a partnership with them. This is also called, "affiliate marketing" since you will become "affiliated" with another's brand/product. The whole process is much easier than you might think, and in most cases you can become an affiliate for someone within minutes, starting today even. The hard part (as with anything in life) is not getting started... but staying with it, learning as you go from mistakes, and not giving up.

This of course does provide another dimension of value to the world and your reader. Hopefully you are against blind consumerism like me, and are looking to only provide your readers with quality products and services that will truly benefit their lives. Your readers will surely know the difference, and will respect you much more for being open and honest with them. Ultimately, you are in the business of helping others solve their problems. 

The two ways to do this is either with:

1. Information Products (using websites such as Click Bank)

2. Tangible Products (using Amazon's affiliate program or later creating your own online store using "drop-shipping" at first).

Affiliate marketing again means you simply recommend another person’s products/services, and then you receive a commission for every sell you make. You are provided with your own “affiliate link” that you then copy and paste onto your website that you recommend people to click. Your “affiliate link” is unique to you, so the owner of the product automatically will know that you made the sale. Once your reader clicks the link, they are redirected to the other person’s website where they are able to purchase the product. Usually the commission on e-products (such as downloadable e-books or audio) will be between 50-70% of the e-product’s total cost, and for tangible products it will be less around 10-30% because of the extra costs involved liked storing and shipping. So if an online e-course is selling for $47 at a 70% commission, you would earn $32.90 for every sale you make. For this reason, it will probably be much easier if you started out promoting information products... since most of the time you will only profit a few dollars for every sale with a tangible product.

Side Note: $47 is the most popular price for e-courses and $27 for e-books. The reason is because statistically people are more willing to buy a product that ends in the number 7, than any other number… making it the “magic number.”

Overall I’ve come to realize that becoming a “middle-man” is one of the easiest ways to begin earning money… and when you can do that by creating honest connections between people that have a quality product/service to sell and customers that do actually need that, you can create a great value in this world.

Sell Yourself

The first thing to do here is understand you’re worth. Obviously creating an online business is not going to be for everyone. Still, regardless of that I believe everyone on this earth is here for a purpose; everyone has something great that they can give to others. You may already know something really well, that others would be willing to pay your for sharing that information. By helping each other out, I feel we can truly do something much greater than merely “making extra cash” with this opportunity. And that drive will be what sustains your business over the long-run.

Now, you can easily create your own products to sell by packing your knowledge and experience into an e-book, audio program, or video program. Sometimes all three can work out best, since people retain information best in different ways. You can even offer a part of your e-product (like your first chapter) for free to give people a taste of the quality, and then charge for the rest. Creating an e-product is always going to be much easier, because you don’t have to worry about the extra hurdles with selling a tangible product.

The best part about creating your own e-products is that once you become somewhat popular you can begin to start your own affiliate market. That is to say, you can offer other people that own websites to promote your product for a commission of the sales. Not only will you be helping your product get in front of more people to help solve more problems, but you will also be able to help another person grow their business.

A lot of people have claimed that even though you give a commission price to the reseller of around 50-70% you actually do yourself the service. The reseller will feel they have more ownership of the product, and will create far more sales for you than if you would get with a commission of anything less than 50%. Also, most people have stated that around two-thirds of their total sales will come from affiliate sales when done right.

It's also extremely important to note that in the online business, what you are really "selling" is not a product, nor even a service. It’s a process. You sell an entire experience, regardless of your niche. From a personal blog up to a link directory, what you are offering is not easily identified as one single product or service, but as a unique process and experience. It is this unique combination which creates the value behind the business and your brand, not the parts. Look at the whole experience, not only at the most visible pieces of the puzzle. Building valuable and trusted relationships with people, produces a customer for life that will help support and promote your business for you.

Be Creative

When you work a 9-5 like the majority of people today, you not only give up a huge part of your life to someone else’s company, but you’re also only earning money while you’re physically at work. With an online business, you would be earning “passive money” even while you sleep. That is how we can work “smart,” instead of hard. The other goal is to always increase your “streams of income,” because honestly having one job is the most dangerous source of income. You can get fired at anytime, and then what… I personally have seen this happen to so many friends my age and even far older than me. It’s honestly disgusting. But instead, now your income will come from:

1.       Donations (a lot of people claim never receiving any, or very little if they do)

2.       Affiliate Marketing with Online Products (the more connections you create, the more streams you create for yourself)

3.       Affiliate Marketing with's Tangible Products... or Drop-Shipping (multiple wholesalers and products)

4.       Creating own downloadable products/services (e-books, audios, videos)

5.       Become an affiliate market yourself (allowing multiple people to sell your product for you)

6.       Charge for subscriptions to your website’s service

7.       Charge for Skype calls for personal advice

8.       Charge people to attend a lecture or workshop you put together from becoming a pro at your niche

9.       Etc.

10.   Etc.

11.   Etc.

The only real limit is the one that you set up for yourself.

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee

Still on the Fence?

After I saw the video I attached below, it gave me a ton of motivation to "wake up" and actually do something about my life. Please watch this video, and then tell me that you can still not do this:

Extra Tips:

If you are still reading this, then it tells me that you are very serious about this part of your life. I'm going to now recommend to you the best service that I was able to find, and one that I'm currently still using. It's called, "Site Build It!" They literally provided me with everything I needed, from the: domain name registration, web site hosting, easy interface to create and edit web-pages without having to know html coding (which I barely know), and so much more. But much more importantly, once you sign up with them you immediately enter a friendly and helpful community like the one I'm trying to create with Wisdom Square. There have been plenty of times when I have gotten stuck, because I've never done this before, and I've always been able to find exactly the help I needed through their services and forums with no time wasted. This is a service that is clearly very rare to find.

They also provide you with an educational video series that literally holds your hand through EVERYTHING. I can't begin to tell you how helpful that alone was. Some of the things you will learn here are beyond what you would learn majoring in business in college, trust me I know because I’ve asked my many friends that majored in business, and they were all very impressed with what Site Build It! has taught me. The reason it’s such a successful program, and why I recommend it so much, is primarily due to the rare passion and dedication that the creator, Ken Envoy has put into this.

He realized how hard it is to teach people how to create a successful online business, because most of the time people get overwhelmed with all the technical details and also finding that perfect niche. He tried at first by writing a book, which sold over 100,000 copies… so he knew what he was talking about. But later realized the best way to teach people this huge process was by providing people with a service and a community that would constantly be there to provide all the help and motivation along every step of the process. It works out so great, because the other members mirror the passion that Ken Envoy created. As each member learns something new or fails at attempting something, they share it with the rest of the community. This is really how every aspect of life should be, but sadly isn’t. Now, you don’t have to wait nearly as long to become successful because you will have all the tools, information, and support needed with this one of kind community.

To start you out, their video series walks you through various tips and tools (software) to help you brainstorm, to find your niche. Then it even finds the perfect keywords that will get you the high volume traffic at the search engines like Google for your niche. For a normal business, everyone knows that the most important thing for success is location, location, location… well for the internet it’s keywords, keywords, keywords.  There’s also tools that provide you with your daily traffic statics to show you where your traffic is coming from (this is so you can know where to place your energy, instead of wasting time trying to promote on every single social media network, you can quickly determine if you should focus on Facebook v.s. Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc. for your specific niche... and see if guest posts on another blog or comments on a forum brought you a traffic wave or a traffic drip). Find out which pages are most visited, which pages people enter and leave your site on, and so much more. This allows you to better build your site for your audience, instead of you just creating something blindly without any real-time feedback. Also, knowing people are going on your site and that your making a difference is without a doubt the best motivation to keep you going while you're just starting out. 

And there are many more tools to help anyone get started, I’ve even read about people being in their 60’s and having success with this so I actually started my mother with her own blog as well, as a birthday gift for her, and I could see for myself that even she was able to figure it out too. Site Build It! truly eliminates every problem you could possibly encounter, so that the only person you would be able to possibly blame is yourself for not becoming successful.

I'll be completely honest with you too; you can begin creating your blog for completely "free" with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. But I decided for myself that I was going to be very serious about this, and I admitted to myself that I had no clue how to start this and be successful. So I decided I was going to make the best investment I ever could have made for my life, and decided to finally sign up through them after looking at all of the other services I could possible find… and there are a lot. I of course was hesitant, because since I’ve just recently graduated I have a ton of student loans to pay off and I don’t come from a family that can help me out financially, so I knew this was a very serious decision I had to make for myself. And, honestly I couldn't be happier.

I decided to place this link here at the bottom of the page to weed out those who are not serious about this opportunity. If you're read up to here, then I’m sure that you are very serious and I’m now going to share with you my greatest secret to how I'm creating a successful website and plan to create the quality of life that I feel everyone deserves. Here is the link you've been waiting for:

Please click here as a first step towards taking your life into your own hands.

Be sure to constantly check back at this site for more and more updates to help you create your own business as I'm learning to create my own. I'm here to help us all grow together, so don't be shy to ask me for any other help or advice by clicking on this link: Contact Me!  Best of Luck to you again and I hope to see you in the Solo Build It! forums on the other side! :)

“Try not to become a man (or woman) of success, but rather try to become a man (or woman) of value.” – Albert Einstein

› Secrets to Owning an Online Business