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Maximize your Weight Loss Success in the Next 30 Days - Without Eating Less - While Still Eating Out For On-The-Go Recent Parents: The Only Non-Hybrid Super Food Guide

How to Lose Weight after Low-Carb, High-Fat (LCHF), Ketogenic, and Paleo Diets have failed you?

(Meet John - Before & After)

(OMG! I need this.)

There is a different way of eating when you're trying to lose weight vs. when you're maintaining. Nothing is permanent. I'm never going to be able to eat X again. Now you're taking care of yourself your body will be more resistant to feeling bad.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. There is nothing wrong with putting ourselves first at times. If we don't than we can't help others. Isn't that a good example to set for your children, that it's ok to take care of yourself. Why is it wrong to want to look good. It is not a bad thing and doesn't make you vain. There's a difference.Stop torturing yourself.

If you're going to cheat, cheat with great cakes. Not with crap cakes food that's convent. Not a crash diet.

Even if you eat healthy and don't eat processed foods, this can still help you.

You may not  get enough sleep to even think about going to the gym. So you don't have time.

You probably don't think about what you're eating because you're always so busy.  Everyone knows how busy life can be when you have an infant at home, plus an older child. You skip meals and eat whatever you can get a hand on. A sandwich from the corner store, a bag of chips, pizza every night.

You might even buy all the stuff to eat healthy and then throw it out because you don't have the time to cook all these complicated healthy meals. So here comes take out.

Don't start eating chicken nuggets off your son's plate! You have to be able to take care of yourself if you want to take care of your family. We can't wait forever to begin pay attention to ourselves. Don't keep putting yourself second.

This is so easy to follow so you can spend time with your kids and do other stuff that you like. One pot hands off cooking.prep food in advance. No one likes to spend hours in the kitchen. you don't have to rely on take out. You don't need to know how to cook! Or be good in kitchen... just need to know the ingredients to use that work best. don't need to be exhuasted from searcing for recipes. You don't have to spend hours in the gym to get a body that you like to fit into clothes that you like.Looking for a lifestyle change not 8 or 10 weeks. Why do we like unhealthy food/ Because it tastes good. So can healthy food! You can still keep losing weight while still eating your favorite cheat foods periodically. You just have to know how often to eat it.

You know that dazed feeling you get when your blood sugar is low because you skipped a meal. You don't have to do that! That is not going to help you long term.

Have trouble finding good "vegetarian protien" I have something you're going to love to hear. People say proetien for breakfast so you don't eat too much later on.

If you did a before pic right now would you cover your face?

Who doesn't want to feel lighter, fit into smaller clothes, and be proud to look in the mirror again?!

Confidence in our appearance can make or break who we meet in life and how well we maintain our relationships (especially if we have to keep up with our kids and spouse). For example, did you go to the beach this past year? If you didn't, then why not? Would you be willing to take a picture with your kids at the beach or would you be afraid of the camera? So many of us are secretly self-conscious and end up spending more time at home than we need to.

But it happens. As we get older we put on weight and it doesn't budge. We develop a career, start a family, have children and before we know it the scale has a surprise waiting for us back at home!

When we were young everything was about us, and now it seems to be about everyone else. Losing weight is the opportunity to finally give ourselves the attention we deserve, but have neglected over the years. 

We should be able to once again enjoy going out with friends on the weekend. That means not having to feel guilty or distracted by calories. Nobody wants to feel sympathy from their friends or feel singled out after all. We crave the right to have some peace of mind when it comes to how we feel about our body.

Is it possible to now drop the weight (whether it's 30 or 50 pounds) without looking sick, burning out, hitting a wall, or embarrassingly gaining it back?!

All while having a CRAZY work schedule?!

Probably not according to statistics.

But it's not impossible. In fact, it can be easy and fun if we know what we're doing.

I know you're already a health conscious person and have developed a few tricks of your own over the years. With this guide I'm going to add to your arsenal of health "hacks" so you can put on the finishing touches to your existing routine. Think MAXIMIZING your results with the smallest tweaks!

We don't have to become overwhelmed by a million little details if we just focus on the BIG WINS. Nobody wants to really turn into the jittery "health nut" and there's no need to. So-called experts that promote that lifestyle understand nothing about human psychology. I'll show you how you can still see better results than them and earn the right to have guilt-free cheat meals, whether it's cheesecake, chicken wings or drinking with friends. Whether you're vegetarian or not this guide will help.

If you're willing to put in the work then keep reading.

Below I'm going to share with you a very special guide for losing weight that you won't be able to find anywhere else. I have performed a MASSIVE amount of research and tested the knowledge that almost no one else seems willing to do. It has taken me years after scouring the internet and experimenting on myself to come up with these specific tips. Now they're polished off and finally ready to give to you. In today's world we can't afford wasting time sifting through a million sites, so I've done all that work for you.

This is the definitive guide to help you cross the finish line of the health journey you've begun.

Trust in each tip and you will see results. Remember, this is not your typical "eat less, burn more" guide. If that simple mantra worked we wouldn't still be looking for something more. Even though I could easily charge for what I'm about to share with you, I know it can help a lot of people and so I just ask for your help with sharing this page.

Now, let's jump in!

I organized this guide in order of what you should try at home first to ensure success. The links below will make it easy for you to come back at any time and pick up where you left off.

1. Clean out the Body: (Overcome Constipation)

     a. De-Bloat and Flatten Stomach

     b. "Melt" Away Fat With A Pinch

2. Replace Emotional Cravings:

     a. Sweet

     b. Salty

     c. Crunchy

     d. Ice Cream

     e. Cheese

      f. Meat

     h. Greasy

3. Replace Physical Cravings:

     a. Beat Exhaustion

     b. "Stick-to-your-Gut-Feeling"

     c. The 87 Missing Minerals

"Do I need to do everything discussed in this guide?"


Do as much as you can and start out as small as possible. Small steps become HUGE wins. It's extremely important for us to value and celebrate each small win.

The key is to not get overwhelmed by changing too much, too soon. Food after all is rightfully a part of our identities. It's the glue that got our family to sit down together, spark conversation, and now gives us something to look forward to when we come home from a LONG tiresome day at work.

For that reason, I recommend trying one thing at a time and waiting to move on until it has become familiar. Then when you're ready, return back to this guide and try out the next tip.

It's a big mistake to read this and not apply any of the tips, or just one of them.

To make this easier for you, I've prepared a checklist so you can keep track of your progress. This is what highly successful people do. They always find ways to avoid taking on too much all at once.

Weight loss and getting healthy is a journey, not a destination. Becoming overwhelmed is the biggest obstacle to reaching any goal, so that's not what we're going to do here.

(How awesome?)

I'm going to not only show you what works, but also how to make sure each tip easily becomes a part of your new daily ritual without having to rely on discipline. Scott Adams put it best when he said:

"Losers have goals. Winners have systems."

In other words, information alone doesn't have the power to change behavior. Willpower always reaches its limit and runs out. But you can develop any habit you want as long as you consciously plan ahead of time the right way so you're not making any in-the-moment decisions. It's a concept called "automating your success" and I'll show you what I mean specifically in a bit.

We're going to be combining the best of psychology and nutrition in a way never seen before to call forth the best version of YOU.

I'm also going to be referencing my Non-Hybrid Food Chart throughout this guide. Be sure to save that image so you can use it to help remind you of today's tips. It's also great to show your friends when you try to explain what you'll be learning today. And if you have yet to read my article which explains "What the hell is a hybrid?" then check that out here - it's a short read with a simple diagram. ;)

Now, we're finally ready to take the first step!

We're going to be following John around to see exactly how he was able to integrate all of these tips and lose 20 pounds in 30 days! (I carefully chose not to mention his results until now, that way I can keep away the weirdos just seeking a quick fix. If you've made it this far in the guide that means you're serious about making permanent upgrades to your life and I commend you for that. You're also a nerd like me, which makes me want to share this wisdom with you even more).

I’ll show you the mistakes that he made and how you can avoid them. Keep in mind, John is not a freak... he was successful because he followed a system and I'll be showing you how you can too.

(at the end of this guide you'll see more of his current pictures)

He didn't start out this way though. He used to be an athlete back in college, but after two kids he had 20 pounds to lose. This convinced him it was time to eat bland and boring food. But as most people experience, this happened:

"The weight didn't come off that fast and certainly wouldn't stay off! Instead I watched my waistline grow 18 inches, my jeans began pinching my belly especially when I sat, and my face started filling (fattening) out."

At this point many of us would think:

"Do I have to literally deprive myself of flavor and starve to get thin?!

Is this deprivation worth it?

Or should I learn to love my love handles and just give up on getting skinny?"

The good news is we don't have to deprive ourselves of flavor nor starve! That's what fads do to us, which explains why they are only tried once and then quickly forgotten. Good riddance! Instead I will be showing you how to lose weight with taste-tested combinations that can easily become a lasting facet that fits into our hectic lifestyles.

What you don't need is recipe after recipe. It's easy to scroll past gorgeous pictures and think, "Must be nice." Who has time to research loads of recipes? And if you're feeling brave that day, then you pick one recipe to try. It tastes great, but the next time you think about making it you don't because that would require you having to find that old website again, "Which one was it?" I'm guilty of doing this all the time. Instead we only need to know the exact few ingredients to focus on and how to use them ("this goes well with this" & "add this to this"). That's much more realistic to continue using daily. No need to summon bravery if it's something simple that still makes an impact.

This guide follows a straightforward two-step process.

Step 1: Empty out our bodies (hit refresh)

Step 2: Feed our bodies (re-build)

The secret key is to not focus on what food to remove in the beginning. Breaking old habits is much harder than forming new ones. So to give our confidence and results a much needed boost we're going to just look at what to add to our food to 10x the reward we get for trying to eat healthy. Think improved inner and outer relationships thanks to losing inches on our bodies.

We're now going to cover the meat of this guide: 

Exact benefits

Exact uses

Exact quantities

Exact combinations

To crush any doubts or barriers you may run into.

First up!

Clean out the Body: (Overcome Constipation)

Have you ever tried to cleanse yourself before to later notice no real difference? Whatever temporary effect it may have had, it didn't work the way you would have wanted? This was the first setback John experienced.

The answer to this comes from two ancient berries.

Like night and day. During the day cool down with the blue berry and after the sun sets warm up with the red berry.

1. De-bloat and Flatten Stomach

"Here I sit broken hearted. I thought I shit, but only farted." - Unknown Poet

John's Mistake: Like most people, John bought into the "fiber" propaganda as his answer to stomp out constipation. That's what everyone recommends after all. So he loaded up on eating beans, oats, brown rice, dried fruit, etc.

When he continued to struggle with having only one bowel movement per day, sometimes even every other day, he knew the problem wasn't solved yet.

But what does the perfect poop even look like?! What's the consistency, frequency, and how should it feel when we have a movement?

Luckily a chart exists that categorizes our bowel movements on a scale from 1-7, where #4 on the chart is ideal (yes, there's a chart for everything now-a-days). Typically after almost every meal we should have a movement that passes easily with no force, minimal wiping required and that doesn't smell! That last part is key.

John was usually at either end of the chart, a #2 or #6. The difference being his amount of water retention. John was dehydrated! But he was drinking water, so more accurately he was bloated!

The wrong kind of water can actually make you more bloated!

Have you ever drank so much water that you could literally hear and feel it bouncing around in your stomach? That means it's not being absorbed.

Water from nature has a certain balance of minerals which makes it absorbable. The majority of bottled waters however are stripped of these minerals as they get filtered and then only a fraction of the minerals get placed back. So what can we do to mitigate this?

How can we get the MOST out of something as simple as water so we can start loses inches around our waist?

The answer lays in three ingredients.

Cactus, Lime, Coconut Cooler. (CLC Cooler)

Why these three ingredients?

This actually follows a special formula: active ingredient + citrus ingredient + fat ingredient. Citrus enhances the effect of any active ingredient, while a healthy fat holds the active ingredient longer in your system to be absorbed more thoroughly.

This gives you the quickest shortcut for maximum benefits. Talk about a "bio-hack." Now let's take a moment to explore each specific ingredient:

Cactus (Hoodia gordonii) - Native to Southern Africa, most famously used by the "San people" as an appetite suppressant in the harsh dessert environment when they go on multiple day-long hunts away from home.

The benefit of any cactus (like nopal, etc.) is that it helps to regulate our bodies' water retention while feeding us more minerals than you will get from something like say Kale.

For a trusted and critical review of this plant I would recommend this article written by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.

The other interesting thing to pay attention to is that you can only buy this in powder form like this one here. Believe it or not this is actually better than buying it "fresh."

In reality the produce you think you're buying fresh is shipped in from another country (just read the little sticker to learn which country) and it's been months since it was harvest. So it's already begun to die and lose energy.

Not to mention it was harvested before it was ripe and able to gain the maximum amount of minerals it's able to. Dried or frozen produce on the other hand is usually harvested at peak ripeness and immediately dehydrated or frozen to lock in it's nutritional content.

This is good to keep in the back of our minds when we think about the best nutrition.

After a while of this you may decide to get creative. What are some ideas of other good "active ingredients" that are easy to infuse in water? There's plenty. Click here to see some of my favorites and how they're made. (link coming soon)

Key Lime (Citrus × aurantiifolia) - a cross between two of the "citrus ancestors" Citron (Citrus medica) and Papeda (Citrus micrantha).

The only other two ancestors are Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) and Pomelo (Citrus maxima). Every other citrus has come from some combination of these.

The interesting thing is a Key Lime is supposed to be yellow when it's ripe and ready for harvest. But commercially they are picked when they're still green and that's how you'll find them in the store. Remember what I said above about "freshness."

Since Key Lime (aka Mexican or West Indian Lime) is much harder to find in the US (easier in other countries) it's ok to substitute with the more common Persian Lime (Citrus × latifolia).

The difference is the same with any produce... the larger the fruit species, the less seeds, less smell, less taste means the less nutritional density.

Later on as you play with the flavor of this CLC Cooler you can mix in another citrus like Mandarins (be sure they're not Tangerines or Clementines) or Pomelo (similar to Grapefruit, but typically found in Asian markets).

No instead lime juice in a bottle can substitute out the real thing fresh.

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) - the jewel of palm trees.

Palm trees in general are revered by women around the world for their healthy fatty oils as a means to re-animate dry hair, moisturize skin, etc. The only other two healthy fats are olives and avocados, which wouldn't be my first choice to infuse in water.

Unfortunately you can't take a shortcut and just get the bottled coconut water. The interior aluminum foil that wraps most of these drinks actually messes with the energy of the water.

For the freshest water you need a whole natural coconut and crack it open right before using. Think about it, a coconut's hard shell is really nature's best water filter. So what's inside is the best. The plus side is when you buy a whole coconut you also get the meat inside which you can drop into this CLC Cooler as well.

It's very easy to get the water out of the coconut. No need to be intimidated. You just need this tool, which requires very minimum force to use.

No coconut water in an aluminum wrapped bottle can substitute out the real thing fresh. You can taste the difference.

What ratio should you follow when making a CLC Cooler?

1 teaspoon of Hoodia

1 Key Lime

1 Coconut

1 cup (8 ounces) water

For the water you have a few options. Better and Best.

Better: Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water (a.k.a. "empty" water)

Best: Volcanic Water (thanks to its sulfur content) No affliation, just amazing customer service. What I've been drinking for over a year now

John's Tip: During the week it was practically impossible for John to make this water. So what he did was make a large pitcher Sunday evening to last throughout the week. That way when he woke up Monday morning he just had to pour himself a glass and take a bottle to work to drink throughout the day.

(Look at how gorgeous this looks.)

He also kept the cactus powder in a visible spot on his kitchen counter so he was reminded to drink the CLC Cooler. When he had friends over he found it made a great conversational drink as well, which helped to keep him motivated.

(Out of sight, out of mind as they say.)

Now I want you to pause reading. Print out the checklist if you haven't already and just focus on trying this ONE thing first. Once you've tried it, check it off on the list and then return here for the next tip.

Taking the time to do this one tip will set you apart from all the impostors who talk about losing weight over and over… but never actually do anything. You're not like them.

Tweet this: Cactus, Lime, Coconut Cooler (CLC Cooler) can de-bloat and flatten your stomach. See how: 

2. "Melt" Away Fat With A Pinch

John's Mistake: "I have to stop eating my favorite food if I ever want to lose weight. I can't just add something to it and expect to lose weight. That makes no sense."


We just have to turn up the heat and the flavor!

We all know what happens when the Fire Nation attacks.. shit goes down! (if you don't get this reference, shame on you.)

You can (metaphorically) "MELT" away fat with just a pinch a day believe it or not. And by pinch, I literally mean 1/8th a teaspoon a day for this to work, which is an incredibly small amount.

All you need to do is pick your proper pepper (try saying that 10 times fast):

(Cayenne, Serrano, Jalapeno, (C. annuum var. annuum)

Piri Piri, Tabasco (C. frutescens)

Habanero, Ghost Pepper (C. chinense))

The list of available peppers goes on and on. The amount is staggering to say the least. So let's cut through all the bullshit... which one is the BEST?!

Unfortunately, it's not a Sweet Bell Pepper (a.k.a. Paprika - the pepper that was used to first discover "Vitamin C") or Banana Pepper (both also Capsicum annuum var. annuum). They pale in comparison to their naturally spicy ancestor.

Meet the Grandmother of ALL the descended domesticated peppers in the world!

The Wild Tepin Pepper! (Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum)

Not what you expected? This is the only pepper native to the United States, and the official state pepper of Texas. (which is ironic since, "Everything's Bigger in Texas" but then again this pepper backs a powerful punch!)

Let's run a quick comparison:

Grows tall between 3 to 10 ft. (and will take over a garden similar to a weed) opposed to a short bush up to 2 ft. in height.

Survives through normal winters, living up to 35-50 years (provided there's no extreme frost) and has a great natural defense against pests all with minimal maintenance required (so it's an easy to keep house plant) V.S. dying during normal winters, living at most for a few years in warm climates and is weak against pests with a lot of maintenance required.

Which traits would you prefer to possess? You are what you eat after all.

Although the Tepin Pepper is just a fraction of the size of a Habanero pepper, it's actually just as hot, if not hotter. The good thing is the spicy sensation goes away very quickly without having to drink something like milk. 

John said, "I only felt the heat on the places in my mouth where the pepper had physically touched. It was not like a Habanero, where your saliva helps the fire spread all over the inside of your mouth and throat. And it didn't linger like a Habanero either."

Mind you, I used to think Peppermint was spicy! (white guy problems)

Until one day I started slowly adding a bit of Cayenne powder to my food, then eventually Piri Piri powder, and now I'm finally able to handle the infamous Tepin Peppers.

It's really not bad. And the crazy thing is the more I used them, the more I craved it to make my food taste better. It's funny, but as you eat healthier you'll start to notice your tastes begin to change.

The sheer size of this pepper should remind us to appreciate the small things. It's amazing that something so seemly insignificant can make any difference, but it does. This is the mentality we have to keep as we move along our health journey. Small things add up, we just have to appreciate them and trust that they do actually make a HUGE impact in much less time than we would think. Within the first week you'll start to notice a positive change.

A pinch a day actually burns the same amount as a 45-minute walk and is amazing for indigestion.

Since such a small amount goes a long way, you do not have to kill yourself by using too much. 

If you do add way too much pepper and it's too spicy, don't worry your meal isn't ruined. Instead of having to throw it away, you can actually tone down the spice with this trick. Squeeze a lime over it to cut down the spicy sensation in half. Lime is also good at preserving your food since it's great at killing off bad bacteria. That comes in handy when you plan on storing your meal away for leftovers and you don't want it to go bad. That's how versatile this little fruit is.

Now let's take a look at this health hack in action. All you have to do is sprinkle a little pepper powder onto any of the following:

Spicy nut snack

Avocado with pepper instead of salt

These pictures were submitted from fellow Wisdom Square community members. (just email me your picture if you'd like me to include it)

Tweet this: Tepin Pepper can "melt" away fat with just a pinch a day. Learn about Fire Food here. I call this technique fire food.

Oh, and my favorite part.

If you're bleeding instead of slapping Neosporin or Hydrogen Peroxide on the cut just reach for some of this to sprinkle on the wound. It doesn't sting and works even better to kill bacteria, clot bleeding, and prevents scarring if you use it right away.

This even works if you have internal bleeding. The pepper will actually know exactly where in your body to travel to help it heal. These plants are that intelligent. For some reason rubbing a cheeseburger across a cut doesn't have the same effect though.

This concept of seasoning the food you're already eating to lose weight of course doesn't just stop at the Tepin Pepper (although it's the most effective single ingredient).

There's a go-to "spice blend" full of great flavor that guarantees we don't ruin the effort we put into making a healthy meal. This is my favorite and what I always use when I cook.

These culinary herbs go well together alongside the Tepin Pepper: Thyme, Basil, Dill, Sage, Chives, Cilantro, Kelp, Sea Vegetable Flake Blend (Dulse, Laver, Sea Lettuce).

Aside from that there's also Cloves, Allspice, and Star Anise which need to be grounded fresh right before using. These pack a powerful punch and burst of flavor as well.

John's Tip: Keep a beautiful spice rack on your kitchen counter. Not only does it make access much easier (opening a cabinet door will make me not use it), but it looks great! People will be impressed when they see how organized you are.

Also, John told me he would take this with him when he would go to restaurants.

He carried this in his coat pocket. If you're a woman then you could easily keep this in your purse.

This doesn't make us weird either. What makes us weird is paying for food that's slowly killing us overtime.

The other part of this is how to cook a week's worth of meals in under an hour. If you want to learn this hack click here.

Go to sauces that don't ruin the effort you put into a healthy meal.

(what food and alcoholic drinks to order at restaurants. When traveling)

Fire Spice / Fire Meal / Fire Pepper

Replace Emotional Cravings

This section will be rapid fire substitution tips.

1. Sweet

We need a sweetener that won't make us fat or give us diabetes.

Hybrid Sugar Beets and Cane are just not cutting it. 

Both are hybrid.

So what should we use instead?

Coconut Nector / Date / Monk Fruit

They say if you eat sweet food, you become a sweet person (no clinical studies confirmed yet)

I've described coconuts above already, so let's jump briefly into Dates and Monk Fruit.

The funny thing about dates is that it also comes from palm trees (Phoenix dactylifera). All palm trees are in the Arecaceae family. (maybe this is why I love palm trees so much)

image hammock between two palm trees

While too many dried dates is not good, a small amount goes a long way. Adding just 3-5 will greatly boost the sweetness of any smoothie.

My favorite part about dates is that they create this great "chunky" texture when blended into a smoothie. That's what I look forward to the most when using them.

Just make sure to remove the pit (or buy them with the pit already removed) or you'll ruin your blender. Date sugar and nectar are also great options as well.

If I had to pick between coconut and date nectar, I would pick coconut just because to me it's a little sweeter but you may like date better.

Whole dates, powdered dates, nectar dates, oh my

Beautifully rare, only the insiders know about

Monk Fruit (Siraitia grosvenorii) is in the Cucurbitaceae family, which includes all squashes like pumpkin, zucchini and melons like cucumber, cantaloupe, watermelon.

Most people haven't heard of this sweetener because it is difficult to grow and expensive to import from southern China or northern Thailand.

The benefit is it doesn't taste weird like Stevia, which is actually a hybrid plant anyway.

(try with tamarind juice)

2. Salty

We need our food tasting GOOD, which means it needs to be salty. But we want to leave behind the high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Instead of boiling out the salt (minerals) from sea water, we can get the pre-digested minerals from the plants that grow in the sea. Since they're pre-digested, they're much easier to absorb and sodium is no longer the primarily mineral. 

It's iodine, which is great for the thyroid, which controls our hormones and growth. All minerals.

Sea Vegetable Flakes is the answer. Company from Maine is good.

Which one will you try first?

3. Crunchy

We like eating crunchy food purely based off of an emotional low. If we're trying to cheer up then a bag of chips is the ideal quick snack to demolish.

But instead of starchy hybrid potatoes, a much better non-hybrid option would be squash!

Yes Squash chips, as funny as that name may sound.


Another great option for a tasty quick snack with some bite is to make your own Trail Mix. Here's a quick recipe for that (vary amounts based on your likes)

1. Walnuts

2. Brazil Nuts (3 is enough for daily amount of Selenium)

3. Pine Nuts

4. Black Currents

5. Goji Berries

4. Ice Cream

Personally I love ice cream. I like to think of my self as a ice-cream connoisseur.

But instead of using milk (puss) that comes from a hybrid black and white cow there's much better options

(This is also why so many people are allergic, because it is a hybrid. Travel to another country where the cows are brown and it becomes less likely you will still be allergic.)

But consider this, when you're a baby you're suppose to drink your mother's breast milk (same for animals). What adult animal or person do you know that still drinks that same milk? The reason is because as you get older it becomes too nutritious... too much sugar, too much fat, too much.

So how else can we get something very similar to milk without it being bad for us?

Baby Banana Milk / Hemp Milk / Walnut Milk / Coconut Milk

This great video shows you how easy it is to make these milks. I would just recommend to strain the hemp milk so it's a smoother consistency and then sweeten it with one of the 3 suggestions I gave above.

5. Cheese

There is something emotionally pleasing looking at this image covered in cheese.

We already discussed why milk from a cow isn't the greatest option.

Did you know a goat is not a hybrid animal, which is why they say it more closely resembles human breast milk and is thus better if you're comparing it to a hybrid cow's milk.

Most people don't like the bitter taste of goat cheese though. And since it still comes from an animal (meaning it will be too nutrious for a fully devleoped adult) there's a better option. We just have to get a bit creative.

Enter Brazil Nut Cheese

There's this great video on how easy it is to make this as well. Be sure to leave him a comment too, letting him know what you think.

6. Meat

The temptation is real for many

If you cook this properly, you can get a pretty simliar effect using Portobello Mushrooms.

If you're doing a stir fry, you can also add cold avocado to also get a nice "fulling" feeling. The hot and cold will also play very nicely together.

7. Greasy

"Melt in your mouth, not in your hand" isn't as natural as you might have thought

Almost no plant oil should be solid at room temperature, though some do get a bit cloudy and semi-solid in very cold temperatures (like with coconut oil).

The only reason why chocolate doesn't melt in your hand (provided it's not really hot outside) is because of hydrogenated oil.

This oil gets processed so it behaves differently. Of course our bodies won't be able to absorb it anymore like they're suppose to.

Why do some people crave "something greasy"

The truth is we crave this for a reason

We NEED healthy fats to help absorb fat-soluble minerals into our bodies.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is much better than hydrogenated oil that mostly comes from hybrid corn and soybeans.

Replace Physical Cravings

1. Beat Exhaustion

Why is it we get so tired during the day? We call it the afternoon slump. Or the hump of the day.

Could it possibly have anything to do with the bread you had during lunch?

Wheat is a nortorius hybrid... a photo copy of a photo copy, getting blurrier the more you go.

(Real Rye Bread)

What are the original, most healthy grains (grass seeds) that you can still get today?

Einkorn, Teff, Fonio (left to right)

Einkorn comes from Middle East, Teff from Ethiopia, and Fonio from West Africa. If you have gluten sensittivities, then it's possible you may not have it with this.

There's actually a safe way to try new food to see if we're allergic. Of course there's no gareteed, you would only know by trying it for sure. Smelling, placing tongue on it, then swollowing a very small amount.

2. "Stick to your Gut Feeling"

Sometimes fruit and water isn't enough.

Wild Rice, Quinoa, Amaranth (chick peas are alright)

3. The 87 Missing Minerals

Did you know they only put back in the soil 3 out of 90 natural minerals? John Kohler

Minerals are actually the elements on the periodic table, 90 of which are naturally occurring.

The green are the naturally occuring minerals

Spineless Salad

Small Wild Berries (tomatoes, bananas)

Even more important than this is herbs.

The reason most people don't see results is because they're using hybrid ingredients with minimal nutritional (mineral) content. At worst something like wheat has a lot of people allergic to it, yet it's so cool and popular to drink wheat grass shots that comes from the same hybrid seed. Does anyone ever consider that? No.

Everyone is in search for the next best thing to add to their smoothies. I say cut out the blue berries and add in the maqui berries. (frozen and dried are better than "fresh.") Same for wild strawberries.

If you're getting it right 90% of the time while you're at home, then you've earned the right to cheat every now and then. If your friends want to go out and order cheesecake, chicken wings or alcohol then you don't have to sweat it. What makes an impact is what you're doing every day, not what you're going to do once a week or month. You should be able to find comfort in that thought.

Aside from the sea vegetable flakes and the cactus, this is all fruit. If you want to take your body transformation journey to the next level then you'll be interested in The Perfect Body Starter-Kit. Each day you get sent an herbal solution.

These tips are the best to help you stay healthy during travel and the upcoming holidays. Only join if you're serious about getting down to your perfect body without wasting effort and gaining it back. If you're just looking for a quick magic bullet solution than there are other websites that will serve you much better than Wisdom Square. 

I also like to have everything spelled out for me so I don't have to think. I have to think at work and I really don't want to think much when planning meals!!! Specific recipes with every meal planned out (because I don't want to think or make any decisions beyond what I already have to every day)

If I asked you to take a picture of your current body, would you think twice about showing your face? Are you embarrassed to  show your face in the photo?

Do this test. Close one nostril and see if you can breath easy through it. If not, then it's your diet you need to manage. How do I know this. Because that was the case with me. My whole life I could only breath through one or the other nostril, until I changed my diet.

After you've added most of the above health hacks to your existing routine, then you're ready to take things to the next level. Herbs are the next level.