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Be honest with all emotions and thoughts; never try to suppress what you’re feeling.

Three steps of a true apology:

1. I’m sorry

2. It was my fault

3. How do I make it right?

With patience, everyone will show their good side eventually

When someone criticizes you it means they care and know you can do better, if you’re messing up and no one says anything it means they’ve given up on you.

Brick walls are there for a reason… they let us prove how badly we want things and keep other people out.

Do everything with the intention to find out what doesn’t work to make myself better, never become outcome depend in situations or it will poison your intentions.

Outcome dependency is ultimately just to prove to oneself that something can happen; this comes from a place of very low confidence and selfishness, and never works.

Don’t expect anything from anyone, but from oneself.

Unconditional love = fearlessness

I can always change a bad habit and still keep the essence of myself intact.

I’m the one that creates my beliefs… I’m not the creation which is the sum total of my beliefs. In other words, I am not a hard worker or someone for whom life is difficult… I am the one that determines what is true, giving me complete control over my life and the ability to change it.

I am not my temporary thoughts, feelings, and actions (ego)… I am capable of long-term change, allowing me complete control of my life, not being ruled by my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

We form beliefs in an attempt to understand the world around us as a survival mechanism, giving meaning to events that hold no inherent meaning in them, we sometimes create false generalizations. In other words, if enough people think we’re ugly we tend to assume that everyone in the world thinks we’re ugly and believe it to be true sub-consciously… although it may be beneficial to form this belief in order to jumpstart us to create change, the problem is that even after we change we typically will still sub-consciously hold this belief to be true. But it is possible to change old beliefs that no longer suit us, if we recognize it.

Logically breaking down limiting beliefs to their origin and understanding multiple interpretations one could have formed from that same event in the past, will help one transcend the limiting belief all together.

If you want love, then you must become love and see love everywhere and love everything.

When you’re pissed off and angry at someone it means you haven’t given them and yourself enough time.

No one can hurt you without your consent.

Work smart, not hard… working hard does not produce results alone.

The more you focus on needing something, the less likely you are to receive it… instead appreciate whatever it is that you do have and the rest is more likely to come into your life.

No one can make me feel better or worse than I can myself… external things can only effect the ego, but not your true Self.

Nothing is more painful than regret.

Happiness, joy, and love are not caused by events, but by our attitude. We can learn to choose how we want to feel. Why not choose love and joy?

The world is my mirror, once I point out a negative trait that I see in someone else, I know what I need to work on in myself… otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed that negative trait at all. If I realize I too could have that trait within me, I would be able to empathize and wouldn’t focus on it in other people.

We are all capable of every negative and positive thought, feeling, and action… we recognize this but choose which to let control our lives… it’s when we can’t admit or accept that we carry all “good” or “bad” traits within us, that we then have a huge problem in that specific area that we wish to not see within ourselves.

By bringing negative thoughts into conscious awareness, it will help dissolve them.

Whenever someone says something negative about you, instead of getting upset or pretending that it doesn’t affect you… acknowledge it is true and that you accept this, while remaining in control of your emotions and ultimately just laughing it off.

If you keep your heart filled with love only… others can’t harm it, and only you can control it.

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› Inspirational Quotes