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Inspirational Quotes (continued)

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Forgiveness reminds your ego that love is more important than pride.

People mostly learn invaluable life lessons indirectly through understanding or experiencing during activities such as watching a movie or training for a sport.

One can “know” something three different ways: understanding, experiencing, and most powerfully by creating something to be true in their mind.

One should never treat another as their punching-bag… when you hurt someone else you’re ultimately hurting a part of you. And unfortunately, we always tend to hurt the ones we love the most.

The best way to gain control over your emotions is to accept what you’re feeling. Understanding that everyone could feel the same way you do in that moment, but then “observe” yourself as if through the eyes of someone else and make decisions from that neutral perspective.

If you want to have better mental stability, train and focus on your body… if you want to have better physical stability, train and focus on your mind.

Don’t ever stop to complain, just work harder and keep moving forward.

Don’t fear negative thoughts or emotions, just learn from them.

People will always be drawn to what they perceive they have a weakness in. In other words, most people that become experts in nutrition usually have trouble following their own advice because they already had developed the limiting belief that they’re weak in that area, and fail to go back and correct that belief in their sub-conscious mind.

Instead of calling someone a jerk, say, “it’s a shame that people perceive you as arrogant, because it’s going to limit what you’re capable of in the future.”

We are only limited in this life by what we choose to accept is possible for us, no different than when one is dreaming is that person limited by what they choose to believe is possible in their dream.

Your mind can’t tell the difference between an actual experience and the thoughts you’re having, so why not only have positive thoughts that will benefit you.

When visualizing a number of positive responses you could do, it’s likely you will be successful when the time actually comes to act, because your mind will have been programmed to act fast without having to think.

Before trying to work on a weakness, focusing on your strength will help give you the motivation to work on your weakness.

Pick three people that you admire the most, then pick the single most important trait about each… realize you are drawn to these people and traits because you already have them within yourself; although you most likely don’t realize it, because you focus on your weakness in these areas. In order to grow these traits in yourself, stop trying to reach externally for them and develop them internally.

We all see our lives through our own lens, hence we falsely project our problems, insecurities, desires, and faults onto others thinking we understand them, yet everyone has a different lens through which they view and project onto the world as well.

Positive thoughts have a direct and immediate affect on your body language and lets other people know instantly what you think of yourself at that moment, so be mindful of the thoughts you are having. Especially since communication depends: 60% on body language, 20% on vocal tone, and 20% on what you actually say. Are you sure you’re getting your point across to the other person?

Courage isn’t the absence of fear… it’s the ability to realize that fear is present, but still make the conscious decision to prioritize that you must act and ultimately develop an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. This is important, because fear is the only thing that stops someone from accomplishing their dreams.

Never allow someone else to possess control over how you feel about your own self-worth.

Never lean on others in an attempt to gain emotional stability, it will repel them away. You must enter all interactions with others already being completely emotionally fulfilled and non-needy. This mindset will draw people to you.

Emotional intelligence is composed of two parts: understanding yourself (self-awareness) and understanding others (discernment)

What you actually do in life doesn’t matter at all… it’s why you do or don’t do certain things that matters most.

› Inspirational Quotes (continued)