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Cancer Free Baby

Which products will ensure you have a cancer free baby? This is one of the most important things I could write about. More important than protecting our own bodies, is protecting the future generation. 

The saddest thing ever is that the majority of parents unknowingly poison their children with common "household name" products that have built up a reputation of being trusted. But the reality of things is that we have to do our own research to assure a product is safe, instead of blindly trusting something because of it's name. Even products within the same brand name vary in how safe they are, so each product must be able to stand alone on it's own merit. The actual ingredients of a product are what affects a baby's growth and development... not the perceived reputation of that product's brand. Last time I checked, advertisements "stretched the truth" all the time.

Cancer Free Baby Bubble Bath Soap:

My Baby - Unscented Bubble Bath

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Comfort Bath Blossoms

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Blossoms Herbal Bath

Babo Botanicals - Lavender Meadowsweet 3 In 1 Bubble Bath and Shampoo and Wash

California Baby - Bubble Bath Chamomile & Herbs

Cancer Free Baby Bath Soap:

Aura Cacia - Baby Organic Calming Milk & Oat Bath

Aubrey Organics - Natural Baby & Kids Bath Soap - 2OZ

Nurture My Body - Baby Wash

Otopia - Organic Hair & Body Wash, For Newborns

Gourmet Body Treats - Organic Baby Wash

Cancer Free Baby Shampoo:

Aubrey Organics - Natural Baby & Kids Shampoo - 2OZ

Nurture My Body - Baby Shampoo

Aveeno - Baby Gentle Conditioning Shampoo

Babo Botanicals - Berry Primrose Smooth Detangling Shampoo

Erbaviva - Baby Shampoo

Cancer Free Baby Wipes / etc.:

Tushies - Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera, Unscented

Homestead - Baby Wipe Companion Concentrate

Aleva Naturals - Nursing Balm

Babyganics - Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Wipes - 75 Individual Packets

Babyganics - Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Wipes - Citrus Scent - 175 Count

Cancer Free Baby Lotion:

Dr. Bronner's - Baby Mild Body/Tattoo Balm

Mrs. Meyer's - Clean Day Baby Blossom Lip and Cheek Balm

Aubrey Organics - Natural Baby & Kids Body Lotion - 2OZ

Badger - Baby Balm, 2 Oz

Aveeno - Baby Lotion Daily Moisture

Cancer Free Baby Oil:

Aura Cacia - Organic Calming Baby Oil

Mrs. Meyer's - Clean Day Baby Blossom Gentle Baby Oil

Badger - Baby Oil

Gourmet Body Treats - (GBT) Baby Oil

Erbaviva - Organic Baby Oil

Cancer Free Baby Powder:

Delizioso Skincare - Organic Lavender and Honey Baby Bath Powder

Otopia - Organic Baby-Dri Natural Baby Powder

Natures Paradise - Baby Organic Powder, Unscented

Magick Botanicals - Baby Powder 100% Pure Kaolin Clay - 8 Oz

Cosmic Tree Essentials - Flower Child Botanical Baby Powder

Cancer Free Baby Diaper Cream:

Wishgarden - Herbs Diaper Rash Salve

Salon Naturals Bottom Cream

Nature's Baby Organics - Organic Diaper Ointment, Fragrance Free

Motherlove - Diaper Rash & Thrush

Dimpleskins Naturals - Bum Bum Balm 100% Natural Diaper Cream 0.5 Oz

Cancer Free Baby Diapers:

Seventh Generation - Chlorine Free Training Pants, 2T 3T

Earth's Best - Chlorine Free Diapers

Cloth Diapers

Cancer Free Baby Sunscreen:

Erbaviva - Children's Sunscreen SPF 15

CVS - Kids Sunblock Continuous Spray SPF 50, 6.0 Oz

Hawaiian Tropic - Baby Faces Sunblock SPF 50+

Ocean Potion - Kids Potion Hypo-Allergenic Sunscreen, SPF 30+

Sea & Ski - Kids Sunblock, Zinc Oxide, SPF 50+, UVA, UVB

Cancer Free Child Toothpaste:

Xlear - Infant Tooth Gel

Xlear - Baby Banana Brush with Strawberry Banana Tooth Gel

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