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Best Kept Secret Cure for Cancer and Any Disease


Through the invention of the international health campaign called, “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” we have poured millions and millions of dollars to fund major breast cancer charities every October since 1985. This was founded as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries (now part of AstraZeneca, the producer of several anti-breast cancer drugs). Their main goal from the start was to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer. But what if mammography isn’t the most effective weapon… better yet, what if expensive surgery, drugs, and radiation treatments aren’t the best answer to cure cancer?  Would Imperial Chemical Industries still want to support something that at the same time would lead to their demise as a company? The discovery of diet and natural substances curing cancer (and other diseases for that matter such as: diabetes, mental health, obesity, heart disease, etc.) wouldn’t allow drug companies to be able to patent and sell the cure. A multiple billion dollar industry would go out of business in no time. (Just like how Nikola Tesla’s inventions would have put oil companies and electrical companies out of business if ever made public… read more about this here). So it’s no wonder we have yet to see any real results 30+ years later… since it’s much more profitable to continuously “treat” a disease, rather than cure it once and for all, especially if you couldn’t sell that cure.

Although America has the best emergency medicine in the entire world and the cleanest water/sanitation system… why don’t Americans live as long and as healthy as people in other countries where their sanitation and emergency medicine is far inferior to ours? The truth is that western philosophy’s approach to medicine and health is only one of hundreds found around the world. We have to ask the question if our approach using artificial drugs is the best one available, when we can clearly see (for example) eastern philosophy’s approach which produces much greater results when it comes to illness and disease. Their approach is based on thousands of more years of understanding the human body and uses only diet and natural herbs to cure literally every disease that could possible attack the human body.

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The REAL Cure:

With all that being said, I hope you can start to understand how throughout our history natural, inexpensive, and highly accessible cures for cancer and all other disease have been discovered and then suppressed. Every “conspiracy/myth” starts for a reason; it’s up to you whether you want to open your eyes and begin to look at all the facts.

Now the question becomes how one can cure something when they don’t even know what’s causing it? It’s highly debated what causes cancer, especially since there’s so many forms of it. Cancer is a very general term that is used to describe nearly any degenerative mutation in our cells. So how and why do our cells mutate in harmful ways? They do when something harmful is introduced to them… i.e. food poisoning (such as high fructose corn syrup and genetically engineered foods... for more on food contamination click here) and mental stress can even affect your body’s cells as well. For now let’s just focus on food poisoning… more specifically fungus/mycotoxins.

There is an endless amount of research that agrees and supports this theory; basically stating that you are what you eat. Despite the 40 plus years of research and experience by Doug Kaufmann and Dr. Holland, their efforts continue to go unannounced to the public. Because of this, I would recommend reading and supporting their books titled, “The Germ that Causes Cancer” and “The Fungus Link.” But doctors in the United States are NOT taught mycology in school. There aren’t any classes offered in that topic while in medical school. So they are not looking for fungus as a cause of ANY illness, since you don’t know what you are not taught.

The Germ that Causes Cancer
The Fungus Link

So whether you don’t have cancer and want to prevent it from happening in the future or even if you have it already and want to get rid of it, the answer is the same… DIET! Don’t get confused now, I’m not talking about eating less food and losing weight… all I’m talking about is carefully choosing which foods you choose to eat. The best piece of information that you can read today and share with someone is this:

Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment

Your body’s pH levels have a very crucial affect on your health. Acidic bodies breed diseases and cancer, whereas a diet rich in alkaline food reduces and destroys disease and cancer. So what foods are high in alkaline? Please refer to the chart below for a better idea:

And that’s it… the money you would spend on food that poisons your body can easily be instead spent on food that will cure you from any disease. Again, I mentioned above that you also need to have mental stability. That means you have to be a generally happy person with minimal daily stress. This makes a huge difference… so for an easy fix make sure you take the time out every day to consciously laugh and enjoy life. The more you do your own research and learn about this, the better off you will be than if you were to continue entrusting your life in the hands of drug manufactures. (Notice how I didn't say doctors, since it's the drug manufactures that pay for the education of the doctor)

One reader's comment:

“Some of the people most close to me have not and will not have anything to do with the antifungal way of eating. I have to watch them go from doctor to doctor (Just like I did last year before I discovered this info out) only to be prescribed more meds. They can see how this way of eating literally changed my life (I had 2 mini-strokes last year 2 days after my 44th birthday) yet, they won’t have anything to do with it. Hard to understand. The proof is in the pudding. Nobody is making big bucks off this way of eating and it’s not the “in for now fad” diet. I even have my 3 children on it this week- 13, 10 &5. They have grumbled and complained but they know it’s the best for them. My 13 year old is actually upstairs right now reading “The Fungus Link!” His church mates ridiculed him tonight when he brought an almond meal cookie and water so he could have something to eat other than chips and soda. I think this really upset him so he wanted to really know more about this way of eating. I am a very proud mom right now!

We just have to keep trying to get the word out. I would not listen to my friend for 6 months….then I went begging for her to tell me what she knew to make me better. Sometimes people just have to be at “mission critical” before they will even consider listening to this info.

My own brother died of brain cancer 18 years ago- he was only 27. I now know the “real” cause. It saddens me but on the other hand makes me more determined to get the message out about fungus and how it IS the cancer and how it can all be avoided by making dietary changes.”

Additional Information:

Ground Turmeric
Turmeric Capsules

Also, interesting to note is that turmeric (an herbal plant from the ginger family) has been proven to have therapeutic potential in over 100 cancers. This of course threatens far more toxic and less effective therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation. Turmeric also has incredible health benefits with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, healing wounds, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, bronchitis, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, psoriasis, metabolic disease, cataract formation, AIDS, gall-stone formation, lung fibrosis, cerebral injury, epilepsy, etc.

Another method to control tumor growth may surprise you even more:

“Medicinal use of urine and urine extracts has been known for centuries in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and North and Central America. In modern times, the first study of growth-inhibiting substances in urine was conducted in 1937. The research on urinary peptides has a long history and was initiated by a Polish researcher, S. Bondzynski, in 1897.”

This has been proven in clinical studies on a number of advanced cancer cases to be highly effective and non-toxic relative to chemotherapy. Dr. Burzyinski led research in 1967 that proved this to be true… but of course you probably never heard of this before either.

Dr. Burzynski

There is a misinformation pandemic in our society and it’s up to people like you to spread information like this that will help someone else. It’s hard to believe that you’ve been lied to and kept in the dark about something like this… but if you can set all that aside for a second and understand that this is the truth, you can help save someone’s life with this information.