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Window to the Soul

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It’s known that the left eye can be looked at to tell what a person is truly feeling. This is because our brain is split in half. Our left hemisphere is dedicated to logical thinking (math, science, conscious thinking, and is dominate in males). Our right hemisphere is dedicated to creative/emotional thinking (visual arts, creative writing, intuition, sub-conscious thinking and is dominate in females). Each hemisphere controls the opposite part of our body, so the right hemisphere will control the left side of your body, and vice versa. That is why everyone’s left eye can be called the window to one’s soul… all because the left eye is controlled by your sub-conscious/emotional mind. This makes it nearly impossible to fake or cover up what you’re really feeling. The opposite truth for the right eye is that you’re able to appear how you want. If you want to appear to not be mad or sad, you will but mostly on the right side of your face. It’s been scientifically proven that the left side of one’s face will typically show more emotion than the right side of one’s face. If you’re watching a movie watch to see if someone is crying from their left or right eye, this will let you know if they’re faking it or not, and essentially if they’re a good actor or not.

left eye
left brain vs. right brain
› Window to the Soul