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Water is Intelligent?

› Water is Intelligent?

Water is the most important substance for every form of life, and is the most common substance on earth. 75% - 95% of our human bodies are comprised of water, and 71% of the Earth’s surface is made up of salt water oceans. In the bible it’s said that life sprang forth from water, and science today has confirmed that all of life has come from water and couldn’t exist without it. From fish, birds, reptiles, mammals, humans, to even crystals, they all need water in order to grow. In the beginning of creation water is sometimes referred to as the primordial soup, in which all life came out of.  

If that doesn’t make water stand out then consider this: water is the only element (the others being, fire, wind, earth, and energy) that can exist in 3 forms: liquid, gas, and solid. It’s not only in rivers, lakes, and oceans… but it’s also in the air in the form of clouds, and in the north and south poles in the form of icebergs.

It’s the only element that expands when it freezes and contracts when it heats. Every other element on the planet does the opposite, which science today cannot explain. Science has also discovered that water can create an immense amount of pressure… at the point of germination of a seed water has up to 400 atmospheres of pressure. This explains why a seed is able to sprout through asphalt, growing a flower, and why water is able to raise from the ground to the leaves within a giant tree’s trunk against thousands of atmospheres of pressure. Water also has the highest surface tension of all the liquids, and is the most powerful solvent on earth.

It’s clear to see that we probably have been taking water for granted, and in honestly we don’t know much about it. So what does science today say is the most important thing about water? Ten years ago, most would have said that the chemical composition of it being H2O is the most important aspect of it. But it is not. Recent scientific research has shown that the most important aspect of water may be found in its structure. The structure of water refers to how its molecules are organized. The molecules found in water happen to exist in very unique specific geometric groups/clusters. Scientists have come up with the idea that these clusters work as “memory cells,” in which water is able to record its whole history to the rest of the world, as if on magnetic tape. Modern instruments have made it possible to record the fact that within each of water’s “memory cells”/clusters, there are 444,000 information panels. Each of which containing its own unique memory comprised of interactions with the environment. Interesting to note, is that our DNA also contains stored information within it, in much of the same way.

Although, the chemical composition always remains the same (H2O) its structure is ever changing like a nervous system that reacts to any irritation. You may even think of water as being a sort of brain, able to store information and then release synapses of it to our DNA and cells when we drink it. Everything then communicates with each other, and since all of life relies on water so heavily, it begins to make sense why it’s so crucial. This is exactly what science is now proving to us, which is something our ancient ancestors have always known about. To understand that water is also alive, and even possesses its own type of consciousness, could be just as difficult as when we first had to accept that plants are just as alive as humans are. Even though at first glance you may only see the differences between us (known as the big illusion) in reality everything is connected.

› Water is Intelligent?