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Video Equipment 

Here's a list of basic video equipment to get started filming tutorials with your phone:

Video ($36.71)

1. Galaxy S9 Plus (Rear camera allows 4k @ 30 fps or 1080p @ 60 fps, Front Camera allows 1080p @ 30 fps)

2. Tripod (for stable filming): Lightweight Tripod - $21.09

3. SmartPhone Holder (attaches to mic stand below to achieve overhead filming): 360° Swivel Smartphone Holder with 5/8" Metal Tripod Microphone Mic Stand Adapter Mount - $12.95

4. Levels (to attach to smartphone holder to ensure phone is leveled on the mic stand before filming overhead): Camco 25523 Standard Levels - $2.67

Audio ($76.93)

5. Microphone (Unidirectional, Cardioid, Condenser, Shotgun): TAKSTAR SGC-598 (get it with the "dead cat" cover if planning on filming outside where it's windy) - $28.90

6. Stand (holds mic overhead, about 1 foot from speaker's mouth): Hola! Music HPS-101TB with Telescopic Boom - $34.95

7. Extension Cable (to connect mic to phone): iMBAPrice 6 Feet Professional Quality Nickel Plated 3.5 mm Male/Female Stereo Audio Extension Cable - $5.09

8. Splitter Cable (for the mic to work on Smartphone): Headset Adapter Y Splitter 3.5mm Jack Cable with Separate Mic and Audio Headphone Connector Mutual Convertors - $7.99

Lighting ($54.18)

9. Light (fits on tripod above or it's more time-efficient to have another dedicated tripod): Neewer Dimmable 176 LED Panel with 1/4" Thread - $25.99

10. Softbox (for softer shadows): Neewer 5.9x6.7 inches/15x17 centimeters Camera Collapsible Diffuser Mini Softbox - $9.99

11. Velcro (to hold softbox onto light): VELCRO Brand (6 pack instead of 4 pack so you can use the plastic side instead of the fuzzy side, which looks messy personally)- $2.98 or $5.26

12. Tripod (dedicated for light): Acuvar 50" Inch Aluminum Camera Tripod + Universal Smartphone Mount - $12.94

Total Cost: $167.82