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Sirius’s Connection to Human History

› Sirius's Connection to Human History
Taken From Hubble Telescope

If you don’t know anything about the star Sirius then you are seriously being left in the dark. This may be one of the most important things for us to learn about. I realize that’s a pretty bold statement to make, so why would I say that? Well, if you took a quick look at our history, you’ll start to see something strange. The star Sirius is constantly referenced as being the most important thing to be taught about by various religious teachings spread across practically all civilizations throughout history. You may not have realized that because this has always been regarded as very secretive/esoteric information for only the exclusive few to know and benefit from. Numerous symbols from ancient times contain such esoteric information, which keeps it alive for only those few to know. To make matters worse, the same people that created these symbols would also create an “exoteric” meaning to explain such symbols. This was the modified meaning intended for the general public. An example of this can be seen in ancient Egypt. The priests would tell the surfs (men whom worked the land) that the sun was “god.”  Although most priests believed that the physical sun was not actually the “supreme being” itself, but instead was the spirit which flowed through the physical sun. However, there was even another level that the priests didn’t even know about… and that highest level of priests knew that although spiritual energy goes through the sun, the original source of everything comes from the star Sirius. In other words, just like how the sun keeps our physical world alive, Sirius keeps the spiritual world alive. It’s associated with the divine and even considered as the home of humanity’s “great teachers.”

Now you’re probably thinking, “What did these ancient Egyptians know anyway, they must be crazy to believe such a thing… although they produced one of the most advanced civilizations throughout history, they were crazy to believe this.” Well the truth of the matter is if they’re crazy then the rest of this planet is crazy as well. Let’s take a look at why this is something you should care to learn about:


Sirius A
Sirius B

       1. Sirius is the fifth closest start to the solar system. It’s the brightest star in our sky, not the North Star (Sirius is much more south). Actually it’s a binary star system, meaning there are really two stars in which one revolves around the other: Sirius A and Sirius B. Sirius A is a blue-white star 25.4 times bigger than the sun. Its surface temperature is twice as hot as the sun, over 20 times brighter, and it’s mass 2.32 times more. Its companion star Sirius B (which revolves around Sirius A) was the first white dwarf that human beings discovered. In 2005, astronomers confirmed that the diameter of Sirius B was almost equal to that of the earth; although its mass is 98% that of the sun, making it extremely dense. Its 8.6 light years away from our solar system.

Constellation Canis Major
Sirius's Binary Star System

       2. Our calendar is synchronized to the midpoint meridian of Sirius on January 1st. Likewise the Egyptian calendar system was based on the helical rising of Sirius that occurred just before the annual flooding of the Nile during the summer, which signified the coming of the hot and dry days of July and August, hence the popular term “the dog days of summer” (since Sirius is located in the constellation Canis Major, also known as the “Big Dog,” which is why it’s known as the “Dog Star”). The star’s celestial movement was also observed and revered by ancient Greeks, Sumerians, Babylonians, Mayans, and countless other civilizations.

Ancient Egypt

Star Alignment - Great Pyramid of Giza
Egyptian Holy Trinity

       1. The great pyramid was built to synchronize with Sirius by aligning an airshaft that connected to the queen’s chamber. The light of the star would be able to shine into the queen’s chamber to cast a beam upon an initiate during a special ritual (Sirius is associated with the goddess Isis). The King’s chamber is aligned with the star Orion, which is associated with the god Osis, her husband. A selected high priest would stand under the focused light while meditating during a ceremony; he would then apparently achieve some sort of higher level of consciousness/advanced knowledge. (click here to read about what part of your brain may actually make sense of this)

“This ancient people (Egyptians) knew that once every year the Parent Sun is in line with the Dog Star. Therefore, the Great Pyramid was so constructed that, at this sacred moment, the light of the Dog Star fell upon the square “Stone of God” at the upper end of the Great Gallery, descending upon the head of the high priest, who received the Super Solar Force and sought through his own perfected Solar Body to transmit to other Initiates this added stimulation for the evolution of their Godhood. This then was the purpose of the “`Stone of God,’ whereon in the Ritual, Osiris sits to bestow upon him (the illuminate) the Atf crown or celestial light.” “North and South of that crown is love,” proclaims an Egyptian hymn. “And thus throughout the teaching of Egypt the visible light was but the shadow of the invisible Light; and in the wisdom of the ancient country the measures of Truth were the years of the Most High.” - Marshall Adams, The Book of the Master

       2. The Chinese, Japanese, aboriginal tribes of North America (Seri, Tohono O’odham, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Antares, Skidi, and Alaskan Inuit of the Bering Strait) all referred to it as the dog or wolf star. In ancient Egypt, Sirius was identified with the dog god Anubis, who was said to guard the gates of death and was the protector of mysteries. The Romans associated Sirius with “Janitor Lethaeus” or the keeper of hell. But at the same time Thoth, (also called Hermes by the Greeks) considered to be the “great teacher of humanity” known as the “architect of the universe,” was esoterically connected with the star. It was believed that this “being” came to earth from a planet that revolved around Sirius. According to legend he designed the whole complex of pyramids at Giza. Imhotep, which designed the first pyramid, said he had received his information from the gods. It was not that he stood face to face with them, but that he was able to telepathically access it from a different realm by using his mind as a sort of antenna tuning into the information.  Modern secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians and the Golden Dawn (which are considered to be Hermetic Orders due to the fact their teachings are based on those of Hermes Trismegistus) all attribute to Sirius the utmost importance (he taught the famous quote “That which is above is the same as that which is below” / “as above so below” to learn more of his teachings click here).

       3. For the Egyptians the rising of Sirius in the east coincided with an annual flooding of the Nile, without which their civilization wouldn’t be able to survive there. For them it was a magical event, which denoted the coming of continued life for them. This also represented for them the time that Isis appeared and gave birth to Horus, the divine child of the Egyptian trinity: Isis, Osis, and Horus (the ultimate being). Yes, oddly enough before Christianity the Egyptians had already established some sort of “trinity” in their belief system, thought-provoking isn’t it?


Eye of Horus
Masonic Art

       1. There is a famous Masonic image where there is the Sun (Osis) on the left (also note the left hemisphere of our brain is our logical/analytical half, which is dominate in men) and on the right is the moon (Isis) (the right hemisphere of our brain is our creative/intuitive half, dominate in women). In the center is the “perfect being” / “great initiate” / “enlightened one” (call it what you may) denoted by Horus’s All-Seeing Eye with the star Sirius blazing behind it.

“the sun and Moon… represent the two grand principles… the male and the female… both shed their light upon their offspring, the Blazing Star, or Horus…” – Albert Pike, Morals & Dogma p. 13-14

Elements Star
Blazing Star of Masonry
Man vs. Goat Star

       2. The “Blazing Star” is an ancient Gnostic term for Sirius, which Freemasonry has adopted very heavily into their symbols and is fully understood only at their highest level. The star is sometimes denoted as a 5 pointed star, or pentagram. According to Pike, (author of one of the most important Masonic books, “Morals and Dogma”) this symbol in masonry dates back to the “pentalpha” of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. It’s named for the 5 alphas or Greek letter “A’s” that make up its composition. Pythagoras believed that certain numbers and ratios controlled the world (he also derived some of this from studying the “power of sound” click here for more info). Particularly, this 5 pointed star was supposed to be able to have great control over evil spirits, in order to resist and keep them away. The Greek/Latin word “Salus” would have each letter written in each point of the star, making it a talisman of health in ancient times. Other cultures have claimed it to have magical properties as a pendent, representing the 5 elements of this world. A statue of Anubis features this star as well. It’s also called the Magi Star, in accordance to the symbol of power and light that enlightens the spiritual journey. This is why it’s placed on top of the Christmas tree. In freemasonry it represents free thought, intelligence that elevates man to great things. They believe that, “animal nature must be overcome and (then the) man will have the full possession of himself.” In contrast, when the 5 pointed star is turned upside down and has a goat’s head inscribed within the shape, it is seen as an evil connotation associated with instinct and bestiality. By turning anything upside, it inherently has a new negative meaning… the same applies to a cross and to the number 999, which represents spirituality and perfection until it’s flipped and seen as 666 (In a mathematical sense the perfection of 999 is in the fact that it is the sum of three prime numbers, 149 + 263 + 587, where all the numbers from 1 to 9 appear only once). In woman’s freemasonry (called the Eastern Star) the 5 pointed star is seen turned upside down. There are divisions within masonry that considers this the evil side of masonry, but it’s pretty unfair for the woman to have such a symbol if a man created it as a means of segregating women like most religions do. It’s hard to tell for sure what the case with this is.

       3. Some believe the origin of the 5 pointed stars on the United States flag and the stars that adorn the statue of freedom on top of the US capital are derived from freemasonry’s symbolism as well. Since after all, 33 (46%) generals in the continental army, 13 (33%) signers of the U.S. Constitution, and 9 (16%) signers of the Declaration of Independence were masons. George Washington was a 33rd degree Mason, along with Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock just to name a few more famous masons. The 110th congress of the U.S. on January 5th 2007 passed house resolution #33 to honor freemasons throughout our American history. (click here to learn about the importance of the number 33 in Masonic traditions)

       4. Sirius is said to rise in the east, hence it became known as the Eastern Star (also the name of the female’s version of freemasonry, although men may join as well). It is taught that the “Star of the East” lead the Three Magis to Jesus Christ.

       5. The All Seeing Eye in freemasonry is derived from the Eye of Horus. In freemasonry, this is their most important esoteric symbol hands down. Horus symbolizes the Masonic concept of a “Christ” or perfect “initiate” or the highest level of enlightenment achievable for humans on earth, which is what every man should strive for.

Hieroglyphic of Egyptian Holy Trinity
Washington Monument and U.S. Capital Bldg.

       6. Ancient Egyptian’s version of the holy trinity associated with Sirius included: an obelisk (representing the masculine energy, or Osis) a half circle (representing the feminine energy, or Isis… or ben-ben used as the stone that caps the pyramids) and the five pointed star (representing Horus). The half circle also represents the ben-ben, which is the stone that caps the pyramids (this stone happens to be missing in present times and in many esoteric traditions it’s prophesied that once the capstone is returned above the Great Pyramid it will signal the return of the “great initiate”/”Christ”). This missing stone explains why the all seeing eye of Horus floats in its place above the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. It’s believed that the light illuminating the all Seeing Eye does not come from the sun, but from the star Sirius as seen in certain Masonic symbols where the “Blazing Star” of masonry is centered by the all Seeing Eye. Now think about the U.S. capital, the obelisk (Washington monument) and the dome on top of the U.S. capital building across from it. Strange coincidence isn’t it? Sirius and the Washington Monument. Designing cities as a reflection of occult symbols drawn throughout history.


       1. The nursery rhyme, “twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the clouds so high like a diamond in the sky…” and the tradition in modern society of wishing upon a star.

Gepetto wishing upon the star of Sirius
Blue Fairy giving life to Pinocchio

       2. Disney’s Pinocchio, which was written by a Freemason, Carlo Collodi. Gepetto (the puppet master that created Pinocchio) prays to the brightest star in the sky to have a “real boy” (may be viewed as an enlighten boy). The Blue Fairy (her color is a reference to Sirius’ light-blue glow) then descends from the heavens to give life to Pinocchio. Through the doll’s quest to become a boy (allegory for esoteric initiation), the Blue Fairy guides Pinocchio towards the “right path.” Sirius is there represented as a source of life, a guide, and a teacher. The theme song of the movie is also an ode to Sirius:

“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you

If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star as dreamers do

(Fate is kind, she brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing)

Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you thru
When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true”

Sirius Black

       3. In Harry Potter, the character named Sirius Black is most likely a reference to Sirius B (the “darker” star of Sirius’ binary system). He is Harry Potter’s godfather, which makes Sirius once again a teacher and a guide. The wizard can turn into a big black dog, another link with the “dog star.”

Scene from the Truman Show

       4. In the Truman Show, a spotlight (used to imitate the light of a star in Truman’s fake world) falls from the sky and nearly hits him. The label on the spotlight identifies it as Sirius. Truman’s encounter with Sirius gives him a glimpse of “true knowledge” and propels his quest for truth. Sirius is therefore the “star of imitation.” It caused Truman to realize the limitations of this studio world (our material world) and lead him to freedom (spiritual emancipation). I highly recommend watching this movie if you haven’t, it was filmed in 1998 and stars Jim Carry in a more serious role, but is very well done.

Creative Interpretation of Nommo - Dogon/Sumerian
Enoch - Israelite
Thoth - Egyptian
Hermes - Greek

Lastly, the most controversial of the accounts is from a book entitled The Sirius Mystery written by American author Robert Temple in 1971. He claimed that the Dogons (an ancient African tribe from Mali) knew details about Sirius that would be impossible to know without the use of telescopes, like it being a binary star. This information had lead Robert Temple to believe that the Dogons had “direct” connections with beings from Sirius like they claimed. The Dogons believed that humanity was born from the Nommo, a race of amphibians who were inhabitants of a planet circling Sirius. (more specifically resembling fish, which might have ties to the legends of mermaids today, please click here for more information on this). They are said to have “descended from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder” and imparted to humans profound knowledge. Interestingly, the Sumerians, Egyptians, Israelites, and Babylonians all believed that some sort of “great teacher from above” came down and shared their knowledge with us.  All cultures have similar stories, but just with different names… it really makes you think when history seems to overlap nicely, don’t it?

Depending on the civilization the teacher is either known as Enoch (great-grand father of Noah), Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus and is said to have taught humanity “theurgic sciences” or “magical sciences” that in today’s society we choose to ignore the existence. In occult traditions, it is believed that Thoth/Hermes (Nommos) had specifically taught the people of Atlantis, which was the most advanced civilization before it sank into the ocean (which many civilizations speak of a great flood in the past too).  It’s believed right before the destruction of Atlantis a few high priests were able to escape and teach the rest of the world their esoteric wisdom which may explain the appearance of similar pyramids across the globe. (click here for more information on this)

› Sirius's Connection to Human History