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Selling your Own Music

› Selling Your Own Music

I just read an article about how this guy started selling the music he made (his was used for meditation purposes) and he said he was able to earn $15,000 in one month alone after staying with it for 3 years. He accredited his success to his method of selling:

He would offer people that owned their own website a chance to  become a distributor for his music. They would be able to sell his music directly on their website and they would collect 70% of the profits... the guy making the music then only collected a 30% commission. Although this may not make sense at first, he said this allowed the distributors to feel they had a sense of ownership over the music, which motivated them to sell the music as best they could. According to him, this worked out better in the end than if he were to collect the 70% commission.  Anyone that is able to make their own music should read his page where he offers people a chance to become a distributor, then copy it's outline to help you get started!

The other key thing to remember is to have patience and perseverance. Again, it took him 3 years before he was able to start earning this much, but now he's able to quite his day-time job and do this full-time. He even feels he is able to triple his earning figure within the next year or so if he continues at the pace he's going. So if you have such a talent, then there is no way you should be letting it go to waste. If you're serious about your passion for music, then making music and even teaching how to make music could actually be your main source of income eventually. Plus you should start your own website/blog to help you get a bigger fan-base by offering free downloadable music... as well as using Facebook and Twitter to keep people updated about what you're doing. About 99% of businesses will do the opposite, and try to sell their products immediately online without first establishing a name for themselves. Only you will be able to stop yourself from becoming a success. Get yourself known and then start utilizing your natural abilities to their fullest! 

› Selling Your Own Music