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Raw Food Diet

› Raw Food Diet

You probably have heard of this diet before, but why would you want to eat so differently from everyone else around you? For most people this involves a very drastic change from the food you’re currently eating. However, I can guarantee you the more you do your own research you will continue to be pointed back into this direction. Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain weight, get rid of/prevent any illness or disease in your body, or even be able to utilize your pineal gland better… then this is how your suppose to eat. The closer you’re able to follow these guidelines, the better your body and mind will be.

Staple Foods

Beans and Legumes
Root Vegetables
Root Vegetables

Vegetables and starches should be eaten more than any other food, and even be a part of every meal. Now if you’ve studied food before you would know that eating too many foods that contains starches isn’t such a good thing, but the secret is that eating a starch along with a vegetable allows your body to digest it without any problems. It is certain food combinations like this one that enables your body to realize its full potential. Now the ideal starches are grains (millet, corn, wheat, or rice), beans or legumes, and root vegetables (potatoes or yams). Fresh spices may be used as a seasoning (minus salt). A typical staple food meal would include a vegetable-based sauce or broth flavored with spices and served on a cooked starch.

Occasional Foods


These foods are beneficial in small amounts, but strain the digestive system if eaten in large quantities. This includes meat (any form of animal products such as dairy products and eggs), nuts, and fruit. Fish may be eaten more often than meat, but still only occasionally. These foods should be consumed more for their medicinal purposes, such as with fruit (especially citrus fruit) should be eaten if you are ill, and meat when a woman is pregnant.

Extra Tips

The goal is to avoid eating any processed foods, sugar, salt, and even vitamin or mineral supplements since they lead to health problems. Also, you should only eat when you are hungry, ideally two meals a day with a small meal in the morning (probably including fruits) and a larger meal in the evening (probably something cooked, preferably steamed). Also, eating many different types of foods puts unnecessary strain on the digestive system. So when picking your core foods to consume consistently, try to research which foods are considered to be Superfoods, since they contain the widest range of health benefits. Be careful about cooking food, although steaming vegetables are preferred, if you apply too much heat then it kills the food, which decreases the benefits you gain from eating it. The same goes for storing food at freezing temperatures, it kills the food along with some of its benefits. Also, consider that when you prepare food you must have positive intentions and be in a good mind set. Believe it or not, as you prepare food your intention does get transferred into the food… don’t believe this is science then please click here to watch this video and understand how much water is in food and even your body.

To further explore this topic I would recommend watch these two videos below and continue with your own research:

Video 1

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› Raw Food Diet