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Personal Care and Cleaning Product Dangers

› Personal Care and Cleaning Product Dangers

Johnson’s baby powder, OFF! sun tan lotion, P&G (Procter & Gamble) Herbal Essences, Mr. Clean products, bleach products, etc…

All of which contain carcinogens that destroy our bodies.

Everyday household items and cosmetic products are applied directly to the skin, absorbed through the scalp, and inhaled. The Story of Cosmetics (2010) uses an animated video to tell a haunting tale of industrial violations and complicit “public safety” groups . . . and still only tells half of that story. The list of common products and their chemical components is enormous. The sum total of the overwhelming presence of these chemicals has been linked to nearly every allergy, chronic affliction, and disease known to man. Most recently, household cleaning products have been linked to breast cancer and ADHD in children.

› Personal Care and Cleaning Product Dangers