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How to Gluten-Free?

Let's say you don't have Celiac Disease (an autoimmune disorder in response to the presence of gluten), but maybe you have a Gluten-Sensitivity... what options do you have available?

Let's get clear...

The advertising industry has without a doubt capitalized on this labeling and introduced options that are EVEN WORST than whole wheat itself.

​​​​​​​Very similar to the Fat-free and Sugar-free labels, which are almost always more unhealthy than what they're replacing.

When you see the ingredients: Tapioca (Cassava) starch, Potato starch, Rice flour, Corn starch...
You should know that these options increase blood sugar higher than whole wheat, trigger weight gain and worsening inflammation contributing to arthritis.

Put simply, they are not healthy replacements for wheat... instead they're just cheap replacements.

If you want a healthy replacement for whole wheat... I'll give you SIX...

1. Einkorn Flour (click here to view)
2. Teff (click here to view)
3. Fonio (click here to view)
4. Amaranth (click here to view)
5. Royal Black Quinoa (click here to view)                                                                                                                            6. Non-Cultivated Wild Rice Flour (click here to view)

How to Gluten-Free(The bottom row shows Non-Cultivated Wild Rice, which is healthier than the top row of Cultivated Wild Rice. A perfect example, showing how nature isn't suppose to be uniform.)

These are the TRUE ancient grains. Not like what you'll commonly find advertised as an ancient grain...

Oats, Barley, Millet, Buckwheat, Sorghum, Couscous and Brown Rice.

These aren't ancient... these seeds have been modified by man the same way Wheat has been.

Which is the reason why it's so bad for our health.

Nature never produced these crops... instead man modified them to what they are today with an intent on producing something with a greater yield, not something that was healthier.

This is what happens when profits are prioritized, unfortunately.

That's why it's always going to be up to us to look beyond the catchy labels slapped on food. But once you do, your body and life is going to thank you over and over again!

(I also went Live on FB talking about this topic, which you can watch here.)