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How to Decide Between Conflicting Information?

Have you ever been confused by conflicting health advice, or just conflicting information in general?

I have a simple 3 step method to help the next time you are confronted with varying viewpoints...

1. Don't be a "Student" be a "Researcher"

Students tend to not question what they're being taught. They may ask questions for clarification, but they don't tend to question what the teacher is teaching. The ideas we allow others to feed us influences the way we perceive the world and behave in our daily lives. Can you think of anything you wish you didn't learn, which later proved to hold you back? The goal here is not to be outright skeptical of everything, but to instead be inquisitive... which I will allow you to define the difference ;)

2. Be encouraged, not discouraged

When you find conflicting information be happy in knowing that you're just getting closer to finding the truth. The fact that sometimes it may be difficult to get to the bottom of things, is what gives that truth more value and meaning to us. We never value things that come easy. The journey of discovery is a rewarding one and is the only way we can grow as humans. So the next time you see conflicting information, put a smile on your face as you prepare down the path most have fallen from. And be satisfied in knowing you can help another person along the way once you get there.

3. Multi-Source Education

Even if you find the "best" source of information about a topic, have you ever read its counter-argument? If not, then how can you truly say you know something is correct? I call this dialectical learning. You have to first fully explore what everyone is saying about a topic, compare your notes, and then discern which option logical makes the most amount of sense. The hardest, and yet most important part of this is to always keep an open mind. Even if you swear up and down something has to be right, always be willing to listen to what someone else has to say. You just never know what you might have missed! ;)