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How to Awaken Your Kundalini for Enlightenment

› How to Awaken Your Kundalini for Enlightenment

First off what is Kundalini? The term Kundalini, as used by yogis and Hindu Mythology, refers to the Sacred Fire or Coiled Serpent located near the base of the spine (root chakra) that when awakened causes spiritual enlightenment. The Kundalini has 7 layers, with each layer having 7 more sub-layers. Therefore, there is a total of 49 degrees of awakening. In other words, it’s not a matter of whether the Kundalini is awakened or not, but instead a matter of how awakened the Kundalini is. Every single person already has their Kundalini awakened, but most at a very small degree.

In India, the degree of awakening the Kundalini energy is symbolized by the number of cobras hovering over the head of a yogi. Usually 1-5 cobras are seen, and very seldom will a sculpture depict 7 cobras, which symbolizes an ascended master and spiritual teacher. In china, a sage is seen standing or riding on a dragon, like the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin. In Egypt, it is symbolized by a snake on the headgear of the pharaoh. Throughout history, a snake is meant to be viewed as a symbol of human earthy desires, as in in the Garden of Eden. By controlling the serpent/snake/reptile, one is ready to awaken their Kundalini.

What does Kundalini energy do to the physical body? It enables the brain cells to experience higher levels of consciousness and stimuli. In fact, the overall quality of the physical body (especially the brain and nervous system) will improve vastly being less prone to diseases and even allowing some to become geniuses, charismatic leaders, and/or great spiritual adepts.

As the Kundalini energy is awakened more, the positive and negative qualities of the person will be magnified to a very high degree. You may then think of Kundalini energy as a fertilizer, and whatever seeds are in the ground will be stimulated to grow. People that drink or smoke may also be able to understand this concept, since it’s commonly known that whatever mood or state of mind one is in prior will become magnified too. Just like how one cannot drink to become happy, you must already have been happy, or else it will just cause you to become even more depressed… awakening Kundlini energy is similar to this effect. That is why a person going down the spiritual path typically experiences intense inner battles. Hence, mastery of the snake or earthly desires must be first conquered.

Warning: Most commonly reported when someone awakens their Kundalini energy too soon is an excessive or unregulated sex drive. This is known as the “deadliest” of the seven deadly sins. A person may become a sex maniac, develop extreme pride, or even become a megalomaniac (having extreme delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence).

So before attempting anything:

1.       Our physical body and energy body must be cleansed or purified, so that the Kundalini energy can flow easily without any blockage that may actual cause physical damage to the body as well.

2.       Personal development is taken very seriously in this practice; one must have developed virtues and remove any vices or inner weaknesses or insecurities.

3.       Most important of the charkas in this practice will be the heart and crown chakra. They must be activated before awakening the Kundalini energy. You will know if the heart chakra is awaken if you can truly say you love everyone and everything, and be able to see the beauty in even the ugliest things. Every situation will be seen as pleasurable, no matter what is going on. This ensures that enhanced intellectual capacity and increased willpower will be used properly and harmlessly once you awaken. The crown chakra refers to your pineal gland, opening this means you have been able to have an out-of-body –experience and literally see into other dimensions and possibly even speak with other dimensional beings. At this point you will always seem to have a calm and collected demeanor about yourself, because you truly know who you are at this point and can perceive reality for what it really is. The activation of this chakra enables the spiritual energy to come down or descend in order to:

      a.       Awaken the Kundalini energy safely

      b.      Awaken it to a higher degree

      c.       Regulate the Kundalini energy coming in.

The Kundalini energy gather from the “ether” as your spine and charkas act as an antenna, then it’s brought up to the higher chakras: heart, throat, pituitary gland, and pineal gland. The lower chakras represent our animal, more earthly qualities: basic survival instincts, sexuality, and ego.

For now, let’s take a look at what is needed to awaken our Kundalini:

1.       Knowledge of Kundalini

2.       Purity of mind

3.       Purity of body

4.       Water

5.       Nutritious food

6.       Exercise

7.       Massages

8.       Yoga

9.       Meditation

10.   Balanced energy

11.   White Tantra

First you must realize that Kundalini energy is also known as “female energy” which controls intuition, holistic thinking, and creativity. When this opens, it travels upward from the root chakra to the crown chakra, which is a male energy. Also, study all aspects of Kundalini from

Rise above all earthy desires via meditation and using different techniques such as: visualizations, mantras, mudras, binaural beats, and pranayama. That means to get rid of the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. This awakens Kundalini from the base of the spine, traveling up. Be aware that there is a tendency of excessively activating the lower nature, unless inner purification is done thoroughly. This is hard in our society since we are constantly bombarded with excessive sexual stimuli and other stimuli that tend to create excessive and obsessive desire for material things. This avoids any temptations you may have with the powerful awakened Kundalini later on. Also, you must go beyond the 5 physical senses, which requires an understanding of who you really are and what our reality actually consists of.

Drink plenty of water, and eat plenty of vegetables and starches. Exercise vigorously and practice yoga such as: Hatha, Bukta, Jnana which are relatively safe but slow, and more powerful methods include Kundalini and Tibetan yoga which focus on your breath and stimulating the base of your spine and entire spinal cord region. Also, massages help move the energy through your body, in case there are any energy blocks. Abstain from polluting your body with any drugs such as caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, processed food, and any artificial drug (note that marijuana, DMT, or ayahuasca are not harmful to your health at all, but may be dangerous for some people and should be taken with this care in mind and/or under the guidance of someone knowledgeable like a shaman).

For those interested in a safe and very effective method of awakening their Kundalini energy, then please refer to the “Meditation on Twin Hearts” method. Please click here to watch a video of this. In this method, the heart and crown chakras are highly activated first, then the root charka and on to the rest of the chakras. While practicing this, you should feel your head being pushed down, and feel energy pass up your spine. The best way I can explain this is to imagine the feeling of having electricity or heat surge through your body, this is basically what it will feel like. Upon awakening your Kundalini, some have reported tingling feelings or even sudden burst of euphoria. Eventually you may feel as if your head is exploding or may see the head like a fountain of light. Others may feel an energy pulling them up. Some may clairvoyantly see the stars and galaxies, or felt their consciousness expanding all over the cosmos. There are a number of advanced meditation methods, one more noteworthy one is called “Merkabah Meditation” (please click here to learn more about this).

Remember to be unselfish and remain in the present moment always, meaning you’re not distracted by thoughts of the past or future.

› How to Awaken Your Kundalini for Enlightenment