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Herb Garden 2020

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"Eating healthy" means eating boring and bland food.

This belief couldn't be further from the truth.

The amount of nutrition in a plant is directly related to its aroma and flavor.

Yes, bitter plants are the best for cleansing the whole body... but that doesn't mean the other 4 taste sensations don't have their own antibacterial properties. They do.

Plants have evolved and survived by creating chemicals to protect against small animals, insects, and bacteria. This is the plant's immune system. And we have evolved to enjoy the taste of these chemicals, since that meant we were eating clean food.

Especially in warmer climates, since that's where bacteria thrives. Here you will find the tastiest plants and recipes. They were born out of necessity.

I considered this while planning my backyard garden this year.

After carefully researching well over 100 culinary herbs from all around the world, I selected just 20 to grow. Here's that list:

20 Herbs from Around the World

1st Garden Bed

2nd Garden Bed

3rd Garden Bed

4th Garden Bed

5th Garden Bed

This is where I purchased each herb: Meadow Garlic, Ramp, Curry Tree, Culantro, African Basil, Stevia, Mexican Marigold, Za'atar, Pineapple Sage, Rosemary, Conehead Thyme, Savory of Crete, Lesser Calamint, Horsemint, Creeping Woodsorrel, Korean Wild Ginger, Charlock Mustard, Oldman Saltbush, Stinging Nettle, Aztec Tobacco.

Garden Bed Layout