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Electromagnetic Waves Can Naturally Cure Cancer

› Electromagnetic Waves Can Naturally Cure Cancer

So what are the arguments against this being possible? For one, people stress the point that cancer is not a single disease, but a multiple of diseases making it seemingly impossible for a single cure for all the types of cancer. The beauty of Rife’s invention is that it is calibrated for each individual patient so that it is able to slowly work at destroying any micro-organism bonds one should choose. The next argument is that it’s impossible to suppress a discovery like this for a couple of reasons. It would mean that pharmaceutical companies would be hiding such a cure to protect their profits from their other cancer drugs. The idea is that you make more money treating something constantly, than curing it in one treatment. This reminds me of an interesting story in 2009 where 200 Harvard Medical School students confronted the administration demanding an end to pharmaceutical industry influence in the classroom. In other words, the students realized that their professors were receiving money from drug companines, creating a bias viewpoint. The students began to realize that they could better treat patients without these drugs, and even avoid unnecessary side-effects. These students were the brave ones that dared to question “why” and made a huge difference… to read the article of this news report click here.

Another argument is that it costs about 100 million dollars of research to prove that a drug actually may cure just one type of cancer. So why would a pharmaceutical company spend that kind of research money on a drug they have no intention of marketing and even suppress it? Well, the problem is not this but the actual research that they are performing excludes “quack theories” such as the idea that producing a specific vibrating frequency could destroy a bacteria. Such research wouldn’t receive any government funding. Then the other point is that the “medical establishment” is composed of: universities, professional organizations, journals, regulatory agencies, researchers, funding agencies, countless individuals, and not to mention other countries that are all in on one big secret. But the truth is, all of this is ultimately controlled by one entity that sits at the top, being the American Medical Association (AMA). All it would take is one person to initially shut down Rife’s invention to keep it from becoming main-stream if that person had the right control over the AMA and could regulate it. Morris Fishbein, M.D., was a physician and the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the virtual dictator of the AMA from the mid-1920’s until he was removed on June 6, 1949 at the AMA convention in Atlantic City. Even though he was forced from his position of power, because of a revolt from several state delegations of doctors, the policies he had set in motion continued on for many years. He was known for destroying someone if he wasn’t able to “buy” their inventions and use them the way he saw fit; he therefore exposed many quacks and campaigned to regulate a number of medical devices. The type of power this man had without a doubt allowed him to do whatever he wanted within the medical world.

It’s even said that Rife merely copied Albert Abrams invention, the truth is Rife was certainly not the only person that created a machine that would use electricity to be sent through a person’s body in order to nullify diseases and pain. This list also includes: Nikola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky (his multi-wave oscillator is banned today by the FDA, deemed as quackery), John R. Brinkley, Elisha Perkins, and Hulda Regehr Clark as well as others. All of these people had many success stories, and yet today a number of people still think it’s impossible to use radio waves to alter the vibrations of cells in the body. The question then arises, why is this not a mainstream method to treat someone with if there are so many documented success stories. Today luckily, there is a leader amongst this movement called Beam Ray Company, LLC. Their review from the Better Business Bureau as well as phone number, email, and address can be found here. Please contact them if you know of anyone with cancer or just about any disease that is taking over their life. To better understand what they are capable of, I recommend watching this video on YouTube that consists of interviews of their patients, please click here. Unfortunately, it seems people only go to them as a last result since many people are still skeptical. From watching the above video, it is clear to see that they promote their machine as being able to relieve pain as well as healing people’s skin, removing warts and scars even. This is something everyone should definitely at least consider looking into, since everyone at least knows someone that could benefit from such a treatment existing.

› Electromagnetic Waves Can Naturally Cure Cancer