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Ask Me About Health - Episode 1 -
with Entrepreneur Ryan White from Atlanta, GA

I have something special to share.

I'm starting a new series where I'll be interviewing successful entrepreneurs, asking them about their eating habits and sharing their stories (along with my feedback) all with you!

You'll get an in-depth look into the lives of other busy people, and see how I would tweak the way they think about food.

One thing that came up in this first episode was re-thinking the idea that "healthy food has to taste bad." (@ the 43:11 timestamp)If this sounds like it'll be interesting, then leave a comment and let me know your favorite part of this interview!My goal is to create something BIG that's going to help you accomplish your health resolutions as we go into 2019. So if there's anything you want to know about, feel free to ask me since that's what I'm here for.

Without further ado, this first episode is featuring Ryan White, the Instagram Marketing Strategist and 7-figure business owner living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Timestamps Below:

(1:33) Where did you grow up and where are you living now?

(2:55) What were your eating habits as a kid, as an adult working a 9-5, and how has that changed now that you're running a 7-figure business?

(13:54) What are your favorite foods that you would never want to give up?

(15:18) What health goals do you have?

(18:07) What are you most and least happy about that you're doing in regards to your health? (19:46) I begin to provide feedback, starting with my take on breakfast.

(21:25) What's the "Craving Match Technique" and how it can help you overcome unconscious snacking?

(27:12) Why you feel sick after eating a junk food that you used to always eat and feel fine from? (33:06) The simplest thing you can do first thing in the morning for energy.

(36:21) What are my thoughts on alkaline water?

(43:11) "Eating clean isn't the cheapest option... and it seems to never be the best tasting alternative." My thoughts on this.