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Complete Guide to Losing Weight with the LCHF Diet

"I've never felt this good in my life! You don't understand how impossible it's been for me to lose weight. But look at me now!" - Ace C. Mitchell

(Download this 12,000 word guide on how to use the LCHF diet to loss weight)

To my friend Ace, losing weight meant a lot more than just a number on a scale.

  • • It meant he could inspire his mother to begin losing weight.

  • • It meant he could maneuver more easily without getting winded.

  • • But most of all it meant he could be proud to look in the mirror. 

If you can relate to Ace then this guide is for YOU.

Prior to starting the Low Carb, High Fat diet he tried just about every other diet you can think of. The trouble was that they didn't work for him and only left him feeling DEPRIVED.

And while LCHF improved his health over the years, he felt the weight loss was extremely SLOW and he didn't know why.

Why does this happen to so many of us?

Is there something genetically different about certain people that makes losing weight that much harder?

Is the answer to simply TRY harder?!

Does that mean we need to grab a gym membership and exercise more if we have all of a sudden stopped seeing pounds or inches come off?

It's hard for me to say this since I was constantly in the gym when I used to wrestle, but YOU DO NOT NEED THE GYM TO LOSE WEIGHT.

In fact, I want to plunge my head into a wall every time I see someone running for hours on a treadmill.

We're NOT large hamsters!

When I got my old college roommate, Ace, to lose 46 pounds in 4 months he didn't visit the gym or pick up a habit of running.

He instead continued his daily life, as usual, teaching middle school students English.

(Ace teaching his 7th graders)

Not once did he look or feel sick.

In fact, during those 4 months, he felt MORE ENERGY than ever before!

The point of this guide is to show you how he was able to do this, and how YOU CAN TOO!

Even if you have a busy schedule or stressful job like Ace.

  • • The last thing I want to do is waste your time.

  • • Make you more confused than before.

  • • Or just merely entertain you with someone else's success.

The reason WHY I decided to write this guide is so I can help YOU lose the weight you want.

Not for the sake of losing weight.

But because I know this means MUCH MORE to you than a number as well.

I want you to be candid right now.

What would losing weight mean to you?

• Does it mean you get to be in control, rather than some debilitating disease like arthritis or diabetes calling the shots? Breaking the family history of disease?

• Keeping up with your kids, taking them places like the pool or beach without getting tired or embarrassed to take a picture with them. Not feeling ashamed when you pick them up from school.

• Being there for your grand-kids so they can remember you.

• Does it mean you get to wear whatever you want and not just what fits. Like that Little Black Dress?

• To look younger and have your husband look at you the way he used to. And let's be honest, to look HOT in a bikini at 50 while laying in the sun!!!

(You don't want to end up like this watching Netflix every night.)

So many of us are secretly self-conscious and end up spending more time at home than we need to.

Confidence in our appearance reflects our quality of relationships.

A successful diet is more than just food, it's about our quality of life.

Once you are clear on WHY this matters to you, nothing can stand in your way.

The more specific your goal is the better. If you could write it down and look at it every day, then that's even better. (here's a template you can print out to write your goal on. If you're serious you'll stop now and do this.)

Losing weight is the opportunity to finally give ourselves the attention we deserve, but might have neglected over the years. 

Sometimes life might seem like it's all about everyone else. Our families depend on us after all.

I'm sure that you're a very nice person that is always giving to others.

But you have to be able to take care of yourself if you want to take care of your family. Now's not the time to put yourself "second" when it comes to your health. It's not selfish to prioritize your health. Instead, it sets the example for your kids.

(Only one-third of parents think they are doing a good job helping their kids eat healthy foods)

How much longer can you realistically put this off for?

For some people, this guide might literally be here to save your life.

I know we are capable of accomplishing great things. You should believe this too if you don't already.

I believe each one of us is truly amazing, with infinite potential.

The beautiful part is that whatever happens to you affects everyone you know.

I want to see you achieve your dream weight and health because I know what it will mean for those around you as well.

There's nothing I want more than to hear from someone that I've helped tell me in their own words what their new life looks like upon reaching their ideal weight and what that means for them and their family. 

I grew up with very bad asthma and hay fever, so I know first hand.

I used to eat fast food and drink soda all the time until I got to high school.

Then when I started to play sports I began to eat healthy and studied how to get the MOST out of what I ate.

(This is me wrestling. Luckily, I was on top during this pic!)

However, I was still sick with asthma and hay fever throughout college, even though I ate "healthy."

Finally, after college, I learned about "non-hybrid" food (we'll discuss this below in the guide) and since then I've never breathed as well as I do now. I also stopped getting sick and coughing like I used to in the winter, which was a MIRACLE for me. (I live in New Jersey, where it goes from HOT summers to COLD winters).

(this is me now)

In today's world, we can't afford to waste time sifting through a million sites, so I've done all of that work for you.

This guide represents my greatest work so far.

This is the definitive guide to help you cross the finish line of the health journey you've begun. It's here to help you put on the finishing touches to your existing routine.

You won't be able to find this information gathered all in one location anywhere else.

It has taken me YEARS of research and testing before I knew this was ready to share with you.

I know you will see an even greater change in your health and weight than you've seen before if you are willing to try the following at home.

Even if you've been following the LCHF diet perfectly for years without cheating and still haven't been able to lose that last bit of weight, this guide can help you like it has for my friend Ace.

In fact, I made this guide specifically for you since so many people are confused why the weight might have come off easily in the beginning, but now they are stuck. (chapter 1)

(This is pretty much what it looks like after months go by at the same weight)

Very few people know how to beat this temporary stall. (chapter 3)

And if you've fallen off the wagon in the past, this can also help you. (chapter 4)

Of course there's no one way that works for everyone. In fact you'll see how most people fall into one of two very distinct categories in chapter 3.

I'm just providing the tools for you to adopt. So you can make your own way.

This guide is NOT for you if you are perfectly happy with your LCHF diet. If you don't feel like things could get better, then there's no point in reading any further. I much rather say this now than to waste any of your time.

Also, if you're just looking to become "more informed" then you can go here instead.

This guide is only here for those of us who are ready to take action.

I want this guide to be the LAST guide you will need to read.

Why do something if you're not ready to give it your all? That's what I tell myself.

Are you ready to change?

Each chapter will build upon the last, so it's important to read this in order.

The links below will make it easy for you to come back at any time and pick up where you leave off. 

You can also download this 15,000 word guide to view offline or print a copy by entering your email below.

1. What is the LCHF diet and how does it work?

          a. Which foods can you eat (and which are off limits)

          b. 4 types of people that can benefit from an LCHF diet (and 4 that can't)

          c. How to successfully use the LCHF diet for weight loss.

2. 3 Ways to see if your diet is working (even if the scale doesn't move)

3. Common mistakes when using the LCHF diet (and how to avoid them)

4. What to do if you fall off track with the LCHF diet

5. 3 Health issues that you can fix with the LCHF diet

          a. Diabetes and heart disease

          b. Cancer

          c. Arthritis

6. Frequently asked questions about the LCHF diet

          a. "How 'low-carb' should I go?"

          b. "Are there any downsides to missing out on 'good carbs'?"

          c. "How do I explain the diet to my friends, family, and doctor?"

          d. "How can I eat out at restaurants and still stick with my diet?"

Remember, this is not your typical "eat less, burn more" guide. If that simple mantra worked we wouldn't be looking for something more.

Even though I could easily charge for what I'm about to share with you, I know it can help a lot of people and so I just ask for your help with sharing this page by clicking on one of the links below.

Before you dive into this guide, I want to stress that society will tell us to do what is comfortable. To only do what feels good and comes easy. Then we have to deal with the consequences down the road.

I don't want you to fall into this trap. Even if you have in the past. I want you to read this guide and take action right away.

I believe it's human nature to want to improve and always do better. But sometimes society wins.

To help you take action, the best way to get the most from this guide is to start out as small as possible. Small steps become HUGE wins. It's extremely important for us to value and celebrate each small win. But I also won't tell you less than what is required.

The key is to not get overwhelmed by changing too much, too soon. Food, after all, is rightfully a part of our identities. It's the glue that got our family to sit down together, spark conversation, and now gives us something to look forward to when we come home from a LONG tiresome day at work.

For that reason, I recommend trying one thing at a time and waiting to move on until it has become familiar. Then when you're ready, return back to this guide and try out the next tip. I'm going to walk you through the process.

Again, it's a big mistake to read this and not apply any of the tips, or just one of them.

To make this easier for you, I've prepared a checklist so you can keep track of your progress. This is what highly successful people do. They always find ways to avoid taking on too much all at once. (click here to print out)

Weight loss and getting healthy is a journey, not a destination. Becoming overwhelmed is the biggest obstacle to reaching any goal, so that's not what we're going to do here.

(How awesome?)

I'm going to not only show you what works, but also how to make sure each tip easily becomes a part of your new daily ritual without having to rely on discipline. Scott Adams put it best when he said:

"Losers have goals. Winners have systems."

In other words, information alone doesn't have the power to change behavior. Willpower always reaches its limit and runs out. But you can develop any habit you want as long as you consciously plan ahead of time the right way so you're not making any in-the-moment decisions. It's a concept called "automating your success" and I'll show you what I mean specifically in a bit.

We're going to be combining the best of psychology and nutrition in a way never seen before to call forth the best version of YOU.

This guide is here to help you apply a strategy that supports your lifestyle. It's not a two week cleanse or a ton of random "super" foods that's going to get you to your goal and keep you there. 

Now, just keep an open mind going forward because I WILL be sharing something very unique and special.

This is different from your normal LCHF diet. This will work MUCH better and be very simple to understand.

Chapter 1: What is the LCHF diet and how does it work?

          a. Which foods can you eat (and which are off limits)

          b. 4 types of people that can benefit from an LCHF diet (and 4 that can't)

          c. How to successfully use the LCHF diet for weight loss.

We need a proper definition of unhealthy Carbs and healthy Fats to know what to eat.

But first, allow me to pose a question.

Do animals in the wild have doctors? In other words, do they ever get sick?


The only time they get sick is when they're in captivity. When humans feed them.

This means WE should never get sick! I know because I went from getting sick every winter to not getting sick for the past 2 years. (so much for my sick days off)

We don't want to listen to advice from self-proclaimed gurus that still get sick themselves. That's what I've learned.

Also, if someone doesn't mention the keywords "hybrid" and "mucous" (which we'll soon discuss) then don't waste your time.

Now, step one is to know what's making us sick and overweight.

Of course it's carbs, right?

But what exactly are carbs?

(Unfortunately, donuts are a prime example of carbs)

Let's discuss the elephant in the room. Marketers have high-jacked the phase "low-carb" to mean whatever suits them. Because of that there's debate about what should actually fall into this category.

To keep things simple, the best definition of "carbs" is anything that is INDIGESTIBLE.

Anything that the body cannot break down.

This includes: starch, insoluble fiber, processed sugar, processed oil, dairy from cows, and meat from farm animals.

(Don't worry if you're a meat lover, we'll be covering "healthy" meats later on only for certain folks that can digest it in varying amounts).

At best, carbs will get expelled right away when eaten in low amounts.

At worst, you become constipated and carbs get stored as fat, which eventually causes health problems.

Do not make the mistake of thinking there's anything nutritious or beneficial about carbs since they're not even digested by our bodies.

If someone is sick, you wouldn't offer them a bowl of starchy rice right?

That would just slow down the body as it's trying to expel what's causing us to be sick in the first place.

The less carbs the better. Even though it is perfectly fine to "cheat" with them as long as you have earned them.

Yes, you can earn them.

(Carbs are like a dangerous tiger that may be tame in low amounts.)

Bear with me as we "geek out" for a moment.

Chemically speaking, carbohydrates are a combination of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.

Your blood's potential of hydrogen (pH) goes down the more you eat carbs. Making it one unhealthy chemical bond.

Below a 7.35 means your blood is in acidosis and disease may develop.

(Acid to the left and Alkaline to the right in the above scale)

The interesting thing is that each type of carb is also known as an acid:

     • starch (uric acid)

     • insoluble fiber (phytic acid)

     • processed sugar (aldonic acid)

     • processed oil (trans fatty acids)

     • dairy from cows (lactic acid)

     • meat from farm animals (carbonic acid)

Too much acid will literally "eat" through cell walls (made of fat), which otherwise protects our vital organs from "dirty" mucous, which in time causes serious health problems to arise.

In other words, the mucous membrane becomes compromised and this "dirty" mucous gets into places it doesn't belong.

But our bodies are so smart that they actually harden this mucous if you continue to eat unhealthy. This way the mucous then acts as plastic Saran wrap to partially block absorption.

This is known as mucoid plaque, which coats our small intestine (where 90% of food is absorbed) if we have eaten junk for years.

(This mucoid plaque actually came out of a person after they took a strong detox)

That’s why if you've been eating healthy for a while and all of a sudden decided to cheat, you feel sick. MUCH more sick than you ever felt before when you used to eat the same junk food all the time.

That’s because your body wasn’t fully absorbing it!

I know because I used to eat honey buns all the time when I was a freshman in High School from the corner store that was down the street. Now just a few bites of it will kill me. The same goes with soda, I can't touch the stuff.

The trouble with this is that our bodies can't know when you're going to eat something healthy. So if you're not consistent then you can eat well and not get it fully into your system. It's like having our pipes clogged.

So now thanks to these acids we have trouble absorbing the only thing that can raise our blood's pH to be maintained within a healthy range (≈ 7.35 - 7.45). 

And there's only one thing that can raise the blood's pH and keep it in equilibrium...


Minerals allow for a high pH, while carbs a low pH.

If we eat food and drink water that is deficient in minerals, then we will lower our blood's pH.

Notice how I didn't say vitamins, enzymes, or even protein.

It's because minerals are the elements on the periodic table. The simplest components from which everything in our physical universe is created. The true crucial building blocks of life.

There's iron, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, silica, potassium, etc.

Out of 118, there are a total of 90 naturally occurring minerals / elements that our bodies may use to be healthy.

(These 90 minerals are highlighted in green)

Each identified and separated by its electrical charge, meaning the count of how many electrons per atom.

Because these minerals are electrical (think "electrolytes") and our bodies are electrical there is a chemical affinity that exists between us, meaning we can quickly assimilate / absorb minerals unlike anything else.

The catch is that they have to be in a liquid state, pre-digested by plants from the soil for our bodies to absorb them. 

For example, iron in it's hard form is known as iron oxide (or "reduced iron" on ingredient lists), which cannot be absorbed.

(Yes, some chips are even magnetic! I think I'll pass on the next bag.)

Iron fluorine, however, is in its liquid form and can be absorbed.

Sorry, solid iron shavings placed in some water or drinking out of copper pots won't help you at all.

Eating natural food is the only way to get these minerals.

In moderation, sea salt (preferably Celtic sea salt) improves the electricity in the body. However, "table salt" on average contains 1/3 glass, 1/3 sand, and 1/3 salt, which scratches the arteries causing them to bleed according to Dr. Leonard Coldwell.

Also, once someone tries to isolate a single mineral or compound from a plant, making it "proprietary," then it no longer assimilates the same way in our bodies.

A plant's electrical signature is maintained by it's unique composition of minerals. That's why eating "whole" is so important.

For example, the "flavor enhancer" MSG (Monosodium glutamate) commonly found in Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, which has been proven to cause cancer, is an isolated component from one of the healthiest plants available, the seaweed Kombu. (ref.)

(The Glutamate Association lobbying group explains that the reason they add MSG to food is to "make people eat more.")

Also, the most popular vitamin in the world, isolated ascorbic acid or should I say Vitamin C, was proven since it was first discovered to be less effective than the whole red pepper it was found in to cure scurvy. (ref.)

Yet it is still advertised nearly 90 years later as the best thing for us.

Study after study has shown that taking multivitamins does not improve health. In fact, several studies have shown that vitamin pills may actually increase the risk of certain diseases, including cancer. (ref.)

This is all very disturbing to say the least.

And while we know to avoid packaged, "fake-box" food and scary "GMO" food, it's interesting that no one points a finger at man-made hybrid food. 

Similar to GMO food, hybrid food is the product of taking two different plants and producing offspring that is larger in size and has a better yield, despite sacrificing nutrition.

(This process of hybridization is known as plant grafting. Minerals from the soil can't travel the same way past the new joint, which produces infertile seeds or sometimes "seedless" fruit. These wouldn't survive without human intervention. This is different from naturally occurring hybrid food via cross-pollination, which maintains its fertility.)

GMO just means the process is controlled... scientists know exactly has many genes from one species will travel into another species.

With man-made hybridization it's random and uncontrolled.

Not only that, but guess what?

Starch only exists in... you guessed it... hybrid food!

So now let's cut to the chase.

What are some truly natural / original / "ancient" foods that will feed our mind, body, and soul?

(click the image above to view a printable chart that you may use the next time you're shopping - you can click on the boxes to place a check in them - also notice how many "vegetables" are actually fruits.)

Action Step: Right now, without overthinking it, I want you to mark just one item from this list to try out this week before you continue reading. (Click here to purchase online if available.) 

Some of the food above is exotic / tropical fruit that can be hard to come by in the United States. But with the internet, you can find anything... including all of what is listed above.

Turns out, thinking a little less about what we're not supposed to eat and making an effort to grocery shop instead works better to stay on track.

In chapter 4 we'll talk about some of the most nutritious (mineral-dense) foods that are on this list and how to prepare non-boring meals for the week.

For now, you might have noticed that there's some grains on this list. Shocking!

That's right, it can be healthy to eat pasta, bread, etc. IF it is made from one of the above "ancient" grains. As you may notice, these are not the common "ancient grains" that you see advertised in most stores.

A person with gluten sensitivity, that can't eat wheat, may find it ok to eat this. (Notice how I'm not even putting wheat grass on the above list, since there are far better options available. Note that "grains" are really just the seeds of grass.)

(Fun fact: if you don't cut your grass for long enough then "flowers" (minus the showy petals and sepals) will form at the ends of the stalks where the seeds / grains grow.)

In fact, most food allergies come from food that is hybrid. It's really sad because many people live with allergic reactions to a certain food and yet don't realize the cause.

Said another way, man-made (as opposed to naturally occurring) hybrid food is incomplete so we don't all assimilate it properly. It's seen as foreign in the body with varying effects for different people.

Of course, I don't expect anyone to only eat from this list.

Again, the occasional cheat meal is perfectly acceptable provided you're not extremely ill.

You just have to define the word "occasional" for your situation, since you should know your body better than anyone else. Listening to how your body responds after you eat a certain food is crucial in this journey. That's why a food journal is recommended, because it's too easy to forget or not pay attention.

This is why it's equally as important to know how bad are the foods missing from this list.

Below is a "carb-chart ranking" that measures how many carbs are in each food per 100 grams from worst to better.

(Make no mistake, this is the "poor man's" food list)

Action Step: It takes at least a month to make something into a habit. So give it at least a month before phasing some of this food back in. See how you feel and write it down if it helps you remember. Start with one category and then work your way across the list.

This way of eating (w.o.e.) would benefit any person regardless of being a man, woman, young, old, pregnant, body builder, sick, healthy, etc.

It's because the focus is on eating the most mineral dense, unmodified foods.

There are however four main types of people that seek this lifestyle for its benefits.

          • Overweight

          • Diabetic with potential heart problems

          • Family history of cancer

          • Arthritic

Regardless of which group you're in, we need to all do the same thing.

It's a two-step process.

Step #1 Clean the body

Step #2 Feed the body (more of this in Chapter 5).

It's really that simple.

There's only three ways to periodically cleanse the body.

1. Intermittent Fasting

2. Liquid Fasting

3. Cleansing Herbs

There are of course times when people wouldn't benefit from a cleanse however.

          • Under 16 (you need to grow your body)

          • Pregnant (you need to grow your baby)

          • Stressful environment (you want to be in control during this period)

          • Taking certain medicine (see chapter 3 for a list)

For everyone else it's preferred to do something to regularly detox / cleanse your body to get rid of any toxins / build-ups like preservatives, air pollution, internal stress, junk food, carbs, etc.

This is the "SHOCK" to your system that you need.

And it will work even if you've been stuck for years.

As mentioned above, you have ONE common enemy. Carbs (hybrids) which causes holes in our mucous membrane and produces stray mucous.

(This came out of me!)

Yes, this is gross. But since you've read this far I'm sharing what I had to keep spitting up.

This bad boy was stuck behind my throat. Somewhere between my nasal passage and throat, which limited my breathing.

I wonder how much money was wasted on me for asthma medicine while growing up. You see, I used to think it was normal to only be able to breath out of one nostril at a time since one was always clogged.

Let me tell you how much of an improvement I had after spitting this up!

This is what you want to eliminate as well.

Based on how unhealthy your eating has been, it will determine how much mucous will come out of you and how hard this process will be for you.

For Ace, this process wasn't too bad because he mostly ate healthy at this point.

This is what he had to say about it.

(click play above)


Is there anything more important than counting calories, and even macros (fats, proteins, carbs), when it comes to losing weight and getting rid of inflammation causing stray mucous?

(It's not necessary to become the counting robot!)

YES... and that something is called insulin!

Most people don't understand how insulin plays a role in our body's ability to cause weight gain and illness.

Dr. Jason Fung does however. He's treated 1,000 patients. (add more here)

Cells can't open up to receive the sugar as energy when you block insulin receptors.

Dr. Tim Noakes, who cured in South Africa, was interviewed by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Insulin is produced in our bodies when it is "under attack" and our blood's pH begins to drop.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates our metabolism. It essentially puts our body into "shut-down mode" when too much is produced, causing us to become fat and/or sick.

There are six scenarios when excess insulin would be produced (the missing four will be discussed in chapter 3).

          • Eating too frequently (important for Intermittent Fasting)

          • Avoiding Minerals (important for Liquid Fasting)

Intermittent Fasting

(While you may not need abs like Terry Crews pictured above, you might be interested to know that he follows intermittent fasting (IF).)

In truth, it's not just what you eat, but also when you eat.

Even healthy snacks throughout the day raises insulin, which leads to weight gain. 

Remember, insoluble fiber is a type of carb.

Consuming liquids throughout the day like water, tea, and even home-made squeezed juice (which does contain soluble fiber) won't hinder your weight loss at all (in chapter 4 we'll discuss some drink recipes). (if you're the type that can't digest fruit well, then drink more herbal tea)

On the other hand, it is best to consume solid food within a 6-8 hour "feeding window." This allows your body 16-18 hours to digest your food.

Ideally, we will avoid eating after sunset or at least 4 hours before sleeping so our digestion doesn't disrupt our sleep.

Pro tip: Brush your teeth before bed so you're not digesting food stuck in your teeth overnight. Dental health is linked to heart health, because we absorb food through the bottom of our tongue directly into our bloodstream.

If you don't enjoy flossing, like me, then a water pik is the solution.

Better yet, instead of taking those mint-flavored toothpicks from restaurants, just keep an "african chew stick" in your car. (this tip is great if your'e trying to kick a smoking habit!)

While intermittent fasting, most people choose to skip breakfast and instead prepare a drink to have.

This is fine, as long as you have planned your lunch so you don't force yourself to grab whatever happens to be available when it comes time to eat.

It's ideal to have one or two meals a day because it allows for more time to digest. Here is an example timeline of when it's best to eat.

16 hours fast (8 hours eating) 12pm-8pm (2 meals a day)

19 hours fast (5 hours eating) 2pm-7pm (1 meal a day)

Action Step: Test for a week. That should be more than long enough to notice a difference, which only gets better over time.

This doesn't mean you have to eat less food if you want to lose weight. 

Eating less frequently allows us to eat larger amounts of food each day without gaining weight when compared to eating 3 or even 6 meals a day.

For example, take a look at how Blake eats while maintaining his weight loss.

It's a small world because I graduated college with this guy's girlfriend.

(Not that I recommend this, but it's still impressive to note that he doesn't gain any weight!)

That's the power of allowing our bodies time to digest.

A better example would be what Cara eats in a day.

(Keep in mind that she's 48 as of 2017!)

Also, rushing through a meal and not chewing properly is horrible for our digestion. Food needs to be turned into a mush before swallowing and the act of chewing even releases pre-digestive enzymes to further break down the food.

It's important to SLOW down when we eat so we can take the time to enjoy our meal.

Eating around friends and family is also encouraged versus eating in front of our computers as tempting as it may be. Usually company will put us in a better mood, which helps our digestion. We should pay more attention to cultures outside of America, since the majority of them seem to have this down.

(Friendly Fionne vs. Lonely Lisa)

Liquid Fasting

There is a secret to fasting so that it feels like you're cheating.

You DO NOT want to fast the hard way.

While it's great for discipline, it's also not necessary to see the same results.

The hard way would be a "complete fast" or "water fast" like Jay did below.

(Notice how he mentions that any scars he had began to disappear! @13:28 - Also, note that having a tongue brush to clean the white mucous off the tongue daily is recommended.)

Remember I used to wrestle, which means I used to cut A LOT of weight so I know how extreme a complete fast can get.

(This was me at 103 pounds in high school)

Again, you want to ONLY fast from carbs.

NOT minerals!

Starving ourselves of minerals drops our blood's pH, which causes our insulin to shoot up.

This gives us that dazed feeling from skipping meals and causes us to fall into the cruel spiral of gaining back the weight we lose. 

The "Eat Less, Move More" campaign promotes this idea.

(This popular strategy causes NUTRIENT DEFICIENT people that remain overweight)

This advice is like telling an alcoholic to just drink less.

(face palm from "the world's most interesting man")

This method will never help us long term. 

That's why it's so important to continue getting our daily minerals.

During a fast, that just means you drink them.

Just like in intermittent fasting, you can and should have all the water, tea, and juice you want.

You know if you shouldn't have too much fruit juice based on your metabolic type and how it makes you feel. This differs from person to person. (this will be discussed more in Chapter 3).

Also, don't buy into the fiber propaganda as the answer to stomp out constipation.

It's common to see people load up on eating beans, oats, brown rice, dried fruit, and even fiber capsules made from the shell of a grain called psyllium with hopes of cleaning out their body.

Yes, this may help you go to the bathroom... but you're mostly eliminating what you just ate!

In contrast to minerals, our bodies waste a lot of energy processing insoluble fiber when it could be removing old fat.

Insoluble fiber (including pulp) is NOT digestible / broken down by the body. It remains close to its original form as it passes through our digestive system.

It is then pointless for our health, since we're not absorbing anything from it!

It only serves to psychologically make us feel fuller temporarily, when all we eat is mineral-depleted food. That's it.

Our bodies are like large juicing machines. We extract the liquid minerals from food and get rid of everything else.

If you have a poor digestive system then you will miss some of these minerals as they'll stay in the fiber, and you'll lose them when you go to the bathroom.

That's why when we're sick it's important to drink, since the minerals will be "pre-digested" / separated from the fiber. We're no longer relying on our stomachs to do the work.

When we fast we free up energy.

We need this energy to remove the stuff that has been stuck in our bodies for YEARS in some cases.

Our bodies can't do this if we're busy digesting breakfast.

This is also why most celebrities work out in the morning before breakfast, instead of in the evenings.

If you think about it, when we get sick our appetite naturally goes away so our body has the energy to repair itself.

If you ever received a colonoscopy then you already know why the body would require a reserve of energy.

(unhealthy colon vs. clean colon)

If you want to get rid of this stuff you're going to need a plan.

3 months because when you kill an adult parasite mother she will drop eggs that will not hats for one to 3 months and you cannot penetrate those eggs 

(fasting schedule)

Pro tip: Don't worry, our bodies are smart. When we fast, anything that is unnecessary will be used as fuel first. Sugar, fat, extra skin - these are the things that will be targeted first. Not muscle like most people believe. It would be like storing wood for the fireplace (i.e. fat for energy), but then you chop up your sofa when it comes time to start the fire. It wouldn't make any sense. 

Also, keep in mind that your taste buds will completely reset after this.

Cleansing Herbs

Aside from freshly squeezed juices you can also use dehydrated and powered vegetables (herbs) in capsules or to make herbal teas with.

In fact, these herbs are more nutrition for us than most fruits.

This is the secret to make fasting feel like you're cheating.

Here's a list of the best herbs to feed you on the left and to clean out your body on the right.

(click the image above to view a printable chart that you may use the next time you're shopping - you can click on the boxes to place a check in them)

There are 16 minerals that the body needs as a minimum.

Seven that are major (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, and sulfur)

Nine that are trace (iron, iodine, zinc, chromium, selenium, fluoride, molybdenum, copper, and manganese).

One of the most powerful herbs to help you go to the bathroom is Quassia (bitter) Bark. This you want to take a capsule of to avoid the taste. Like the name applies, it's extremely BITTER.

(Food that's bitter is the BEST for digestion and cleaning out your colon.)

Dandelion on the other hand is great to make as a tea because of the taste.

(This will help you clean out your kidneys.)

In chapter 4 I'll share my Slim Tea Recipe. 

You can take these cleansing herbs while you liquid fast or while you intermittent fast if you want an added boost.

Or you may choose to take these cleansing herbs without fasting.

It's entirely up to you since all of these methods WILL work.

Pro Tip: If you're fasting, take 8 herbal capsules in the afternoon (12 p.m.) and 8 in the evening (6 p.m.) of your favorite brand.

If you're intermittent fasting, take 4 herbal capsules in the afternoon (12 p.m.) and 4 in the evening (6 p.m.) of your favorite brand.

Sprinkle tepin pepper (the oldest available pepper) on all your food for an added boost to lose weight, lower insulin and improve your metabolism.

Chapter 2: 3 Ways to see if your diet is working (even if the scale doesn't move)

You're not allowed to step on the scale as a part of this diet for the three months.


Because we don't want to psyche ourselves out or become obsessed with numbers.

This just adds stress onto us, which increases insulin and makes this journey that much harder.

It's like trying to watch a pot of water boil.

(poor pot)

You know it's going to, but because you're starring at it now it feels like it's taking so much longer.

It's the same concept with constantly weighing yourself.

Rest assured that eating this way is going to make unwanted weight come off.


To know you're on the right track, you're going to look for qualitative signs instead of quantitative ones.

That means you're going to compare the quality before and after of your:

     • bathroom trips

     • energy level

     • and how your skin, hair, and nails look

Quality of Bathroom Trips

Let's not beat around the bush.

What does the perfect poop look like?!

What's the consistency, frequency, and how should it feel when we have a movement?

Luckily a chart exists that categorizes our bowel movements on a scale from 1-7, where #4 on the chart is ideal.

YES, there's a chart for everything now-a-days.

(Stop now and answer - Where are you on this chart ?)

Typically, after almost every meal we should have a movement that passes easily with no force, minimal wiping required and that doesn't smell like death!

That last part is key!

If you're not already around a Type 4 on this chart, then this will be the first thing you will begin to notice improve.

Knowing where you are now will help guide what you need to focus on.

If you're at either end of this chart, then that means you're temporarily constipated or have diarrhea. To fix both issues you need to re-hydrate your body.

Also, it has to be said.

Even though people swear by it, stop drinking Pepto-Bismol to stop diarrhea!

This drug is an antacid, which works by neutralizing stomach acidity so our digestion slows down.

While this is a quick fix to stop our bodies from producing diarrhea, it's also preventing the root cause from escaping as efficiently. It's the body's natural response to quickly get rid of whatever caused the upset stomach in the first place. You do not want to hold this in any longer than it needs to be.

Now our bodies just have to run their course of healing. It's like when we vomit and start to feel better after getting out whatever we needed to.

Pro tip: If you're constipated, then use a "squatty potty" for easier bowl movements.

If you have diarrhea, then drink some mineral-rich herbal tea, that is naturally alkalizing.

Quality of Energy

You should feel amazing!

Even if you're fasting, your energy should be higher than ever.

This is what Ace had to say about his energy during his fast.

(press play)

Quality of Skin, Hair, and Nails

Show me a person's face and I can tell you how their health is.

By looking at someone's skin you can too.

Do they have brown circles under their eyes, oily skin, pimples.

Ace reported that his skin cleared up once he started his fast.

He used to have growths on his skin that just vanished over night. Here's what he had to say about it.

(press play)

Pro Tip: Activated charcoal will clean your pores and make you look younger.

Jojoba, Argon, Marula, Tamanu oils will treat dry skin and hair.

Whatever you put on your skin, your body absorbs into the bloodstream. So if you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on. 

We breath through our skin, this is why we have the best ideas in the shower. That's when our skin may breath the most, unhindered by tight clothing. Try to think of a good idea while holding your breath.

Your hair should not be oily, weak, or falling out.

Oh, and gray hair is not a sign of old age. It's instead a sign of a copper deficiency.

Pro Tip: Kallawa has the highest amount of copper. Portabella mushrooms are also high in copper and make a great substitute for meat if you're vegetarian.

Brittle or discolored nails are also a sign of poor health. A silicon deficiency to be precise.

Pro tip: Irish sea moss is great for this since it's high in silicon.

Measuring vs. Weighing

Ok. I get it.

With all this being said, you STILL want to measure something more tangible to track your progress.

So, here's why I recommend measuring inches, instead of weighing pounds.

Measuring weight, or even tracking BMI, doesn't allow you to target areas of the body. This is crucial for determining our potential for disease.

Also, up to 60% of the human adult body is water, which constantly fluctuates.

To be sure you're losing fat, the best tool we have is not a "body fat" scale, but a simple tape measure that a tailor would use, so we can target areas. (this is the one I use - affiliate link).

To understand your body fat content, you want to calculate your waist-to-hip ratio. Divide the waist measurement (measured at the navel) by the hip measurement.

For men, the ratio should be no higher than 0.90%.

For women, the ratio should be no higher than 0.83%.

In other words, we're trying to find out if we're a pear shape or an apple shape!

(Which one are you?)

Apple shape = Visceral Fat, which stores underneath our abdominal muscles and puts pressure on our organs and blood vessels.

Pear shape = Subcutaneous fat, which stores directly underneath our skin (above muscle), can be pinched and doesn't pose the same threat.

So, it's better for our health to be a pear shape!

Sadly, we don't have control over which one we are. Some people store fat in their waist while others in their hips and limbs. Just 10 extra pounds stored in the waist can change our blood pressure, unlike 10 pounds stored in our hips and limbs.

Yes, this means a person that looks overweight might actually be healthier than a person that looks skinny and weighs less, but has a protruding stomach.

Researcher, Dr. Whitmer from California, says even Dementia is linked to belly size, and not overall weight.

In fact, researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, examined 40,000 people and concluded that nearly 50% of overweight people, 29% of obese people and 16% of morbidly obese people were not at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

On the other hand, more than 30% of people in the “normal” weight range were at risk for these diseases.

According to another study, (also performed in California, I'm starting to notice a trend now) Dr. Hirani in 2004 discovered that even if a person had 30 pounds removed with liposuction, they STILL wouldn't see significant health improvements since only subcutaneous fat can be targeted.

But luckily, our bodies are smart. So when we eat healthy, visceral fat is targeted before subcutaneous fat. So your efforts will be rewarded right away!

Though for some people this might be annoying because the "stubborn fat," that people love pinching, sticks around until you get rid of enough visceral fat.

So consistency is key here.

Keep this in mind too. Although tracking visceral fat is useful, it's even more important to track our blood for it's pressure, sugar content, and any deficiencies. 

Pro tip: If you still wanted to track your weight as well and don't want to be as misled by water weight, then you're better off doing it roughly every four weeks, while following the lunar cycle. Just like how the moon controls the tide, it's the same with the water in our bodies which is why it's called a "menstral" cycle in homage to the word month and lunar. On a full moon we carry more water than on a new moon.

Chapter 3: Common mistakes when using LCHF diet (and how to avoid them)

As mentioned in chapter one there are 6 ways to increase insulin which causes you to gain weight and potentially get ill.

          • Eating too frequently (covered in chapter 1)

          • Avoiding Minerals (covered in chapter 1)

          • Eating the wrong fats

          • Taking medicine

          • Lack of stretching (stagnate blood)


We have already covered the first two, so now let's jump to the other four.

Eating the wrong fats increases insulin

It's not just home-made squeezed juice or tea that doesn't trigger insulin.

Healthy fat doesn't either. That's right, eating healthy fat does not make you fat!

In fact, every cell in our body needs healthy oils and fats as much as water.

We need fat because each cell is protected inside fat, which we call the cell walls.

Fat also insulates / protects minerals while entering the bloodstream. Otherwise, the hydrochloric acid in our stomach would break them down before reaching our small intestine, where 90% of food is absorbed.

Fat even allows for longer absorption times, which means we get more out of what we're eating.

Our brain is also 80% fat, and the electrical wiring in our nervous system needs to be insulated with this healthy fat as well. 

(Fat is critical to say the least)

There are two main types of liquids that we consume, which carry minerals.

Water and Oil.

Non-fat and Fat.

If you squeeze a seed that has at least 25% fat, then you will end up with an oil instead of a juice.

If you blend a seed that has at least 25% fat, then you will end up with a butter instead of a smoothie.

It's interesting to note that while most homes have blenders or juicers for fruits and leaves, how many have equipment to process seeds?

(It seems only South Korea makes automatic, cold-press oil machines for the home.)

Stone mills to produce fresh flour (from non-fatty seeds) or oil presses for fresh oil?

Make no mistake. Oil begins to degrade from exposure to oxygen after it's been pressed the same way juice does.

The same goes for flour overtime.

It's sort of similar to how metal breaks down and rusts, thanks to oxygen. That's why we hear so much about antioxidants being good for us.

Pro tip: Special lids may be purchased for mason jars that allow you to "pump" out the oxygen in the jar, providing an airtight seal. This keeps the contents inside fresher for longer.

As long as the seed's shell is in tack this isn't a concern, since it keeps its nutrients protected until you crack it open.

Below are all the seeds that produce healthy oils and butters.

(Healthy Fat Chart - click to save or print out)

Pro tip: DO NOT COOK WITH OIL. Professional chefs know the difference between "cooking" oil and "finishing" oil. Cooking oil is hydrogenated so it has a higher smoke point. It now also has unhealthy trans-fatty acids, which is what keeps your chocolate from melting in your hand. Even coconut oil can be hydrogenated. We only want to consume cold-pressed, unrefined oils. Meaning they have a low smoke point and aren't good for cooking. So instead use glass cookware to prevent food from sticking, and cover it with a lid to increase the humidity to also prevent sticking. Then put on your oil of choice after you're done.

Everyone may benefit from consuming the oil from these non-hybrid seeds.

But when most people think of healthy fat, the next thing we think of is protein. Meaning primarily meat.

So now, what's my opinion on meat?

Have you guessed it so far? You might be surprised.

First off, I'm only concerned with the health aspect of this question... not morality.

Let's clear the air. To eat, you have to kill. Unless you photosynthesis your meals or something even more spectacular. Plants are living beings too, just like cattle, fish, goats, etc.

So if it's morally acceptable for me to cut off kale to eat it, then why wouldn't it be for other food? We think plants don't scream nor bleed, but they do.

The "blood" just isn't red (unless it's the tree, Croton Lechleri).

Ever heard of the "mimosa" or "sensitive" plant? If you blow hard against it then it nearly disappears, retracting its leaves.

(This is its defense mechanism, to hide and escape from its predator.)

A venus flytrap also reacts when meat (an insect) comes around.

A carnivorous PLANT!

There's also two kinds of humans, and thus two answers to this debate.

Despite the numerous back and forth on the subject whether we're biologically designed to eat meat, plants or both -- the results are in.

According to scientists we (as in all of us grouped together) are designed to primarily eat plants with occasional meat being fine. (There's more to this, of course.)

The amount of meat safely consumed varies for each person and is based on your "metabolic type."

Too much meat for the wrong person will increase their insulin.

You most likely already know if you're a meat-eater or not. Would you rather eat a SWEET dessert or a nice big JUICY steak?

(If you could only choose one to cheat with, which would it be? Sweet or savory?)

Do you often say something is too sweet? Then you're most likely a meat eater.

Many people from colder regions, however, have no choice but to rely on meat.

But it's REAL animals that they eat.

The Eskimo eats walrus, polar bear, wild fish.

The American eats cows, chickens, and pigs.

You would never find these domesticated hybrid animals in the wild. Only behind fences on farms. And, on a farm they're fed mostly GMO corn and/or soy, instead of having access to a diversity of wild plants.

Even the difference between farm-raised salmon and wild-caught salmon is HUGE.

(Keep in mind that salmon eats Kelp. Something that should be more in our diets.)

There's a huge difference between farm meat and hunted meat.

Between tortured meat and meat that never suffered a minute in its life, while living in the woods.

Wild meat is in a completely different category.

The majority of farm-raised animals are hormone injected and tortured throughout their lives.

And if you torture your food, then you're really torturing yourself in the long run.

Most people don't realize that processed Deli meat is considered a "group 1" carcinogen according to the World Health Organization, along with cigarettes, asbestos, and plutonium. (for more outrageous facts, check out "What the Health")

Now, mass cattle production is evil. Animals born in hell, raised in hell, killed in hell. For your nice barbecue with your friends, children, and family.

Would you prefer to consume the personality / energy of a farm-raised animal or a wild animal?

(Grazing cows / grazing humans -  Doing what everyone else is doing is the quickest way to mediocrity.)

- OR -

(Wild vegetables / wild humans - Thriving in the harshest conditions.)

If you're a "sweet" type (like me), then you don't need to ever eat meat. It's not required to be healthy, but it is your choice. And if you want something to help you transition or that's similar then there is an American company named Beyond Meat, which is completely vegetarian. Their concept is revolutionary.

If you're a "savory" type, then below is a list of non-hybrid animals.

(meat chart - this is why I hate the word "protein" because a powder is different from buffalo, and both are different from chicken. Treating them as interchangeable is where the trouble lies.)

Notice how dairy is missing from the above list.

Milk, butter, cheese, yogurt.

Despite the supposed "health benefits" of dairy, consider this...

When we're babies we require much more sugar and fat to feed our developing nervous system than when we're older.

A mother only produces milk for the length of time that it's required of their young to drink it. Our bodies are that smart.

Now when we're older it would be too much for us.

Not to mention the fact that we're the only animal that drinks milk from another animal.

Plus cows are hybrid animals. Our beloved dairy (Holstein) cow is a cross between a buffalo and an ox!

At least goats are natural animals, which is why their milk more closely resembles human breast milk.

Taking medicine increases insulin

Blood sugar levels will improve before you begin to see weight coming off.

Your body knows that it needs to fix that first. 

The trouble is that if you're taking medicine, especially if you're diabetic, then you need to slowly lower the dosage underneath the supervision of a trusted doctor.

Whether you decide to do a liquid fast or just eat cleaner food, you have to be aware that your condition will be improving.

As it improves, the less medicine you need to take. Think about what would happen to a healthy person if they took medicine for something they didn't have.

Unlike with natural food, proprietary medicine is foreign to the body. If there's nothing for it to fight in your body, then you'll just be experiencing something from the list of side effects instead of benefits.

Here's a list of medicine from worst to better.

Lack of stretching (stagnate blood) increases insulin

How clean our blood is depends on properly circulation. Moving, massages, stretching, and even dry brushing improve this.

There's even a machine in Japan that massages your legs and is able to cure ...

Also, we fast to clean our arteries / improve blood circulation. A cactus brush stimulates the skin, ridding any dead skin, and gets the blood moving towards the heart.

Stress increases insulin


reduce your exposure to sources of stress – or adjust your attitudes and responses to better deal with the circumstances you can’t change. This can relieve indigestion and heartburn and thus restore normal absorption.

We can't harbor unforgiveness, guilt, etc. These negative emotions feed us. If we have a negative thought, then we certainly have an illness that deserves eating better for. A negative thought is an aspect of sickness to me. If you experience a negative thought, then we can go higher.

Chapter 4: What to do if you fall off track with the LCHF diet

The two biggest enemies to following this diet are boredom and convenience.

To help keep you on track we'll go over some fun, tasty and practical recipes while highlighting a few special ingredients.

This includes:

     • Sample meals for one week

     • Grab-and-go alternatives

     • Drinks

After that we'll discuss how to save time while cooking at home.

And to end the "should we be cooking our food" debate once and for all... minerals are not vulnerable to heat, exposure to air, sunlight, etc.

Minerals are indestructible, while vitamins are the ones that are destructible. I cook lots of my food and drink plenty of herbal teas that have been boiled in water. Yet, when I go to get blood work I'm not deficient in anything.

To be honest, even burnt toast has it's benefits. There's research on how this actually limits alcohol and oxy poising.

The mentaility of abundance is so importnat. Scarcity mens you eat free junk food in the break room on a table.

When making food focus on texture and taste becasue a kale smoothie is not going to feed you like wild herbs would. I hate it hwne I see nasty tasting food or drinks because they think super healthy, yet they're not.

Don't psyche yourself out by thinking "I messed up today, so I guess I might as well continue to cheat and start fresh tomorrow."

Sample meals for one week

We're going to skip breakfast since we're following the intermittent fasting model.

For lunch we usually need something travel-friendly since we're usually not home during this time.

For dinner we want something that we can look forward to after a LONG day at work that also doesn't require us to stand in front of an oven for an hour before we can eat.

These are the best meals that I have come up with to eat.

Quick Lunch:

Number after each meal represents it's level of difficultly.

     • Veggie Omelet (2) (mushroom, scallion - flour, coconut)

     • No-Oatmeal (1) (Einkorn, Teff, Fonio, Quinoa, Amaranth - Coconut Syrup, Dried Black Currants or avocado or mango or grapes or strawberries)

     • Pancakes / Waffles (2) (plus coconut meat)

     • Cereal (0) (kamut and hemp milk)

     • Ultimate Salad + 3 Dressings (2) (cherry tomatoes or grapes cut, swiss chard, dino kale, grapes, romaine, cucumber ribbon cut with spiralizer)

     • Meatloaf (3)

     • Stuffed Peppers (3)

Look Forward to Dinner:

     • Veggie Pizza (3)

     • Stir-fry Wraps (2) (red onions, red/yellow/orange bell peppers, portabella mushrooms, dino kale - cold: avocado or mango) (add key lime juice and olive oil once done cooking)

     • Burgers (3)

     • Flat Bread + 3 Dips (1)

     • Mac & Cheese (2)

     • Spring Rolls + Clear Water Soup (3)

     • Pasta with Fried Rice (1)

Heat spices to wake them up!

Heat elderberry to bring out a brand new flavor you don't get while raw.

Don't heat dried leaves, because it won't bring out any more flavor. 

berries and oatmeal.

Here are some great pro tips:

1. celtic sea salt

2. sea vegetable flakes

3. coconut syrup

4. tepin pepper

5. macqui berry

If you're going to use Cinnamon make sure it's Real cinnamon known as Ceylon which is native to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. The trouble is much of the cinnamon sold in the United States is cassia cinnamon also known as False Chinese Cinnamon which is more bitter and causes heart pain. Coumarin is moderately toxic to the liver and kidneys

flavor fermented sauces: sweet and spicy (tepin pepper and cloves)

cream cheese with chives

cookies and crackers

purple potatoe fries with spiralizer - spiralize oinios within tearing up beccause its so fast


1. sweet fruits = smoothies or juices or grab and go

2. dried seeds = thick water flour (avocado, coconut meat) pancakes, no-oatmeal, sauces, pasta, rice

3. oily seeds = milks, cheeses, oils, frozen chocolate

4. savory vegetables / mushrooms = stir fry

Grab-and-go alternatives

1. Fruits

2. Trail Mix (seeds and dried fruits)

3. Leftovers (frozen chocolate - best storage containers pro tip)

Chew sticks help us when we want to eat something crunchy or even breat a smoking habit.

Pro Tip: I walk to the local farmer's market near my job to grab some of these quick fruits instead of going to get a sandwich or slice of pizza somewhere else.


This is not your grandma's spinach! Welcome to the inside info.

1 cup of coffee slows the metabolism down 12 hours. 2 cups = 24 hours. (pro tip: if you need energy then take a cold shower. drink 16 ounces of water within 1 hour of waking up, you're dehydrated after sleeping.)

Acid food 

Oil in fruit smoothies. 50 / 50 sugar to fat like breast milk. That's why it's so addicting

1. Herbal Tea (Slim Tea Recipe)

2. Coffee (guaco tea and guaco stick)

3. Smoothies (smoothie bowls)

4. Juices

5. Milks

6. Alcohol

Pro tip: You want to increase the anti-oxidants of your juice, don't buy something expensive, just pump out the air in it.

if we know not to eat out of cans because of the aluminum why do we drink coconut water that's wrapped in aluminum?

The minerals from plants grown in healthy soil in the wild is the only thing that can feed us.

Liquid pre-digested minerals to be precise... the life blood of a plant.

Living water that's been filter through the skin of a fruit versus plain bottled water.

Drinking water will help you. But the "right" water will help you better.

Being constipated means that we have been dehydrated for a while.

Having diarrhea means that we are now dehydrated.

Most people think drinking bottled water is enough to re-hydrate us. But the truth is there's not enough minerals in most bottled-water to replenish us. (minerals are the same as "electrolytes" even though they don't sound as cool)

The key is that we don't want plain water. We want living water.

The wrong kind of water can actually make us more bloated!

Have you ever drank so much water that you could literally hear and feel it bouncing around in your stomach? That means it's not being absorbed.

Water from nature has a certain balance of minerals which makes it absorbable. The majority of bottled waters however are stripped of these minerals as they get filtered and then only a fraction of the minerals get placed back.

So how can we work around this?

How can we get the MOST out of something as simple as water so we can start losing inches around our waist and stop being bloated?

The answer is to drink a freshly squeezed juice or herbal tea.

I'm going to share with you the 3 most powerful living waters that an be combined together to make what I call:

The Cactus Cooler

All you need are:

1. key limes

2. coconut water

3. nopal cactus pad powder (fresh if available near you)

Why these three ingredients?

This actually follows a special formula:

active ingredient + citrus ingredient + fat ingredient = the total package

Citrus enhances the effect of any active ingredient, while a healthy fat holds the active ingredient longer in your system to be absorbed more thoroughly.

This gives you the quickest shortcut for maximum benefits.

Talk about a "bio-hack."

Now let's take a moment to explore each specific ingredient:

(The red fruits on top of the cactus pads are called prickly pears.)

Cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) - Something

Key Lime (Citrus × aurantiifolia) - a cross between two of the "citrus ancestors" Citron (Citrus medica) and Papeda (Citrus micrantha).

The only other two ancestors are Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) and Pomelo (Citrus maxima). Every other citrus has come from some combination of these.

The interesting thing is a Key Lime is supposed to be yellow when it's ripe and ready for harvest. But commercially they are picked when they're still green and that's how you'll find them in the store. Remember what I said above about "freshness."

Since Key Lime (aka Mexican or West Indian Lime) is much harder to find in the US (easier in other countries) it's ok to substitute with the more common Persian Lime (Citrus × latifolia).

The difference is the same with any produce... the larger the fruit species, the less seeds, less smell, less taste means the less nutritional density.

Later on as you play with the flavor of this CLC Cooler you can mix in another citrus like Mandarins (be sure they're not Tangerines or Clementines) or Pomelo (similar to Grapefruit, but typically found in Asian markets).

No instead lime juice in a bottle can substitute out the real thing fresh.

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) - the jewel of palm trees.

Palm trees in general are revered by women around the world for their healthy fatty oils as a means to re-animate dry hair, moisturize skin, etc.

Unfortunately you can't take a shortcut and just get the bottled coconut water. The interior aluminum foil that wraps most of these drinks actually messes with the energy of the water.

For the freshest water you need a whole natural coconut and crack it open right before using. Think about it, a coconut's hard shell is really nature's best water filter. So what's inside is the best. The plus side is when you buy a whole coconut you also get the meat inside which you can drop into this CLC Cooler as well.

It's very easy to get the water out of the coconut. No need to be intimidated. You just need this tool, which requires very minimum force to use.

No coconut water in an aluminum wrapped bottle can substitute out the real thing fresh. You can taste the difference.

Or you can purchase from this company:

What ratio should you follow when making a CLC Cooler?

1 teaspoon of Hoodia

1 Key Lime

1 Coconut

1 cup (8 ounces) water

For the water you have a few options. Better and Best.

Better: Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water (a.k.a. "empty" water)

Best: Volcanic Water (thanks to its sulfur content) No affliation, just amazing customer service. What I've been drinking for over a year now

John's Tip: During the week it was practically impossible for John to make this water. So what he did was make a large pitcher Sunday evening to last throughout the week. That way when he woke up Monday morning he just had to pour himself a glass and take a bottle to work to drink throughout the day.

Story from my friend. fixed hangover in 5 minutes.

Top 5 ways to cut down meal prep time

Use the right tool for the right job. Keep tools in front.

One task at a time method. cut each lime and squeeze right away vs. cut all limes and squeeze after.

This is where people get it wrong. If you're not motivated on Sunday, then your whole week is ruined!

Pro tip: Play music while you cook. Invest in a Bluetooth speaker.

Chapter 5: 3 Health issues that you can fix with the LCHF diet

          a. Diabetes and heart disease

          b. Cancer

          c. Arthritis

(In America, we don't like to travel far for our fast food, so we place it within our hospitals' food courts.)

If disease is heritary, then the food we eat must be heritary as well. If we stop the heritary food, you will stop the hertiary disease. Maybe that sounds too bold, or maybe it's not bold enough.

All I know is that there's a deficiency behind every "dis-ease," when the body is not at ease.

We're malnourished. We're stuffed, but our bodies are starving.

And there are some powerful tropical plants that most people have never heard of.

Just like how we have our favorite foods, so do plants.. a certain mineral each.

If we travel outside of America and the western world, we see that around the world traditional healers using plant medicine provide health care to 80% of the human population over 4 billion people.

Over 25% of prescribed drugs contain. Plant materials as their principal active ingredient

According to a study by the congressional group us imported over 24 million dollars in 1974 on medicinal plants and turned these into more than 3 billion dollars worth of medicines.

When u consider the fact that all of that 25% medicine is derived from about 90 species of plants and there are over 250,000 species in the world then we have a lot more to explore.

Your condition is not caused from lacking a pharmaceutical drug. So they do not heal. Only mask symptoms if we really think about it.

Different herbal preparations: Spagyerics, herbal teas.

This is the food you should eat instead based on mineral chart rankings.

(mineral body chart)

Diabetic / Heart Disease

You need to clean out your blood. You need iron becaue it attracts oxygen. Gauco tea.


the more money we put into cancer. the more cancer we get back. (2 graphs to show this)

Clearly there's a problem here. in 1940 it was 1 in 20. in 2006 it's now 1 in 3. 

Eating you Alive Documentary.

Gersion Therapy.

10. Commercial jets full of people equal the deaths everyday due to cancer. Imagine the outreach on the media.

Considering that in general a minimum payment for chemotherapy is $50,000, and it's sucess rate is less than 1/3, investing in herbs doesn't look so bad.

It's even a slogan: We don't die from cancer. W3 die from the treatment of cancer.

(according to Dr. Braylock. Mammogram increases beast cancer 33.3% every year for 10 years. Say 40to 50). Add if you did have a tumor The Valley active smashing get like a machine could read the tumor am a task the size and metastasize it. He instead recommends a thermos gram. Then ultra sound then mri

Cannabis oil cures most cancer by itself. You don't have to believe me. I wrote an article about this years ago. Just check out the comment section to see first hand testimonials which completely blew me away. (this is also why I have no problem cooking my food. Cannabis is cooked in order to produce the oil, and it still cures cancer. That means if I cook my dinner I know it's good enough for me. The minerals will still be there afterall. I'm pretty sure this proves that enzymes and vitamines which are sensitive to light and heat can't be the most important thing in food. 

4 research articles that show how Intermittent Fasting by itself reduces your risk of cancer. Published in the Journal: "Science Translational Medicine"

"These studies suggest that multiple cycles of fasting promote differential strees sensitization in a wide range of tumors and could potentially replace or augment the efficacy of certain chemotherapy durgs in the treatment of various cnacers."

In other words IF can actually replace Chemo as a therapy in low stage cancers. It might even be able to do it in high stage cancers, but this study didn't look at that. IF can even protect your healthy cells from the damage of chemo toxicity. Remember chemo is basically like mustard gas... it's going to kill whatever is in it's path good and bad cells alike. So if someone chooses to do chemo, you have to just support them and IF can be done in addition which will provide a whole lot better outcome.

Journal: Cell Metabolism

Reduces cancer and improves immune system along with literally every other function of the body and mind. 

Journal: Teratogenesis Carcinogensis and Mutagenesis

"Long-term IF regimen exerts an anti-promoting effect on rat hepatocarcinogenesis.."

In other words IF blocks the development of precancerous liver cells.

Journal: "Mechanisms of Ageing and Development"

2 groups of mice that didn't change what they ate, just when they ate. The ones with IF none got cancer and the other group 33% got lymphoma cancer after 4 months.

In case this research doesn't inspire you... check out this article I wrote years ago. Be sure to specifically look at the comment section, where people on their own provided testimonial to curing their cancer with natural means as explained in the article.

You need Anamu to improve your digestive system and to reinform your body the correct way to grow


You need silica. Seamoss. Also healing herb as a balm or poltrice applied directly onto the skin where you feel the most pain. every night.

Walk barefoot on grass to ground the electricity in your body to reduce the pain. The electrical pain signals will be discharged into the earth instead of into your mind, like how a house grounds itself.

DO NOT eat unhealthy bread when you take these herbs. It will try to push it back up believe it or not.

Chapter 6: Frequently asked questions about the LCHF diet

          a. "How 'low-carb' should I go?"

          b. "Are there any downsides to missing out on 'good carbs'?"

          c. "How do I explain the diet to my friends, family, and doctor?"

          d. "How can I eat out at restaurants and still stick with my diet?"

Is it ok to have cheese, meat, and starch every once in a while?

We're not prisoners of health. We are in charge. 

If you're going to cheat, cheat with great cakes. Not with crap cakes food that's convent. Not a crash diet.

We should be able to once again enjoy going out with friends on the weekend. That means not having to feel guilty or distracted by calories. Nobody wants to feel sympathy from their friends or feel singled out after all.

We don't have to become overwhelmed by a million little details if we just focus on the BIG WINS. Nobody wants to really turn into the jittery "health nut" and there's no need to. So-called experts that promote that lifestyle understand nothing about human psychology. I'll show you how you can still see better results than them and earn the right to have guilt-free cheat meals, whether it's cheesecake, chicken wings or drinking with friends. Whether you're vegetarian or not this guide will help.

grab and go meals - You probably don't think about what you're eating because you're always so busy.  Everyone knows how busy life can be when you have an infant at home, plus an older child. You skip meals and eat whatever you can get a hand on. A sandwich from the corner store, a bag of chips, pizza every night.

You might even buy all the stuff to eat healthily and then throw it out because you don't have the time to cook all these complicated healthy meals. So here comes take out.

90 day challenge whether you want to fast or eat non-hybrid. live event webinar when we all start together. You will see videos of me preparing my meals while I'm talking over them live. You may ask any questions to help make this easier for you.

chlorella is either

chlorella vulgaris or arthrospira platensis

empty keurig pods for cheap

This is not going to be conventional. Top 3 rules to break to lose weight. (Focus on enjoyment)

1. U need to eat healthy every day to lose weight (cheat days work great for rebel people but not for everyone)

2. U have to eat boring food in tiny portions (instead of heavy sauces and creams use herbs and spices) focus on pleasure and choice

3. U are supposed to eat healthy (rebel against the norms of society but being in control instead of falling victim to clever advertising junk)

Never get fooled into ordering fake health food again.

It's a fat trap to assume gluten free means healthy. It does not! That's just marketese.

Add conclusion summarising main points.  And quick cheat sheet of guide and worksheet to help them implement faster 

Subway makes me feel worst than dunkin donuts or cookie.

Sharing their advice that I've implemented in my life and that worked for me. 

Conclusion: processed is worst, hybrid inferior to wild. 

If you did a before pic right now would you cover your face?

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