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Complete Guide to the Low Carb, High Fat Diet

- Why you're Not Losing Weight? -

"I've never felt this good in my life! You don't understand how impossible it's been for me to lose weight. But look at me now!" - Asa C. Mitchell

To my friend Asa, losing weight means a lot more than just a number on a scale.

  • • It means he can inspire his brother to begin losing weight.

  • • It means he can move around more easily and travel more.

  • • But most of all it means he can be proud to look in the mirror. 

If you can relate to Asa then this guide is for YOU.

Prior to the Low Carb, High Fat diet he tried just about every other diet you can think of. The trouble was they didn't work for him and only left him feeling DEPRIVED.

And while LCHF improved his health over the years, he felt the weight loss was extremely SLOW and he didn't know why.

Why does this happen to so many of us?

Is there something genetically different in certain people that makes losing weight that much harder?

Is the answer to simply TRY harder?!

Does that mean we need to get a gym membership and exercise more if we have all of a sudden stopped seeing pounds or inches come off?

It's hard for me to say this since I was constantly in the gym when I used to wrestle, but YOU DO NOT NEED THE GYM TO LOSE WEIGHT.

In fact, I want to plunge my head into a wall every time I see someone running for hours on a treadmill.

We're NOT large hamsters!

When I got my old college roommate, Asa, to lose 40 pounds in 4 months he didn't visit the gym or pick up a habit of running.

He instead continued his daily life as usual, teaching Middle School students.

Not once did he look or feel sick.

In fact, during those 4 months he felt MORE ENERGY than ever before!

The point of this guide is to show you how he was able to do this, and how YOU CAN TOO!

Even if you have a busy schedule or stressful job like Asa.

  • • The last thing I want to do is waste your time.

  • • Make you more confused than before.

  • • Or just merely entertain you with someone else's success.

The reason WHY I decided to write this guide is so I can help YOU lose the weight you want.

Not for the sake of losing weight.

But because I know this means MUCH MORE to you than a number too.

I want you to be honest now.

What would losing weight mean to you?

• Does it mean you get to be in control, rather than some debilitating disease like arthritis or diabetes calling the shots? Breaking the family history of disease.

• Keeping up with your kids, taking them places like the pool or beach without getting tired or embarrassed to take a picture with them.

• Being there for your grand-kids so they can remember you.

• Does it mean you get to wear whatever you want, like that Little Black Dress. And let's be honest, to look HOT in a bikini at 50 while laying in the sun!!!

So many of us are secretly self-conscious and end up spending more time at home than we need to.

Confidence in our appearance reflects our quality of relationships.

A successful diet is more than just food, it's about our quality of life.

Once you are clear on WHY this matters, nothing can stand in your way.

The more specific your goal is the better. If you could write it down and look at it every day, then that's even better.

Losing weight is the opportunity to finally give ourselves the attention we deservebut might have neglected over the years. 

Sometimes life might seem like it's all about everyone else. Our families depend on us after all.

But you have to be able to take care of yourself if you want to take care of them. Now's not the time to put yourself second when it comes to your health. This is not selfish, and shows your kids what they should prioritize as well.

For some people, this guide might literally be here to save your life.

The beautiful part is that whatever happens to you affects everyone you know.

I want to see you achieve your dream weight and health because I know what it will mean for those around you as well.

I believe each of us are truly amazing, with infinite possibilities.

We are capable of accomplishing great things. You should believe this too if you don't already.

There's nothing more I want than to hear from someone I've helped tell me in their own words what their new life looks like at their ideal weight and what that means to them and their family. 

I grew up with very bad asthma and hay fever, so I know first hand.

I used to eat fast food and drink soda all the time until I got to high school.

Then when I started to play sports I began to eat healthy and study how to get the MOST out of what I ate.

I was still sick with asthma and hay fever throughout college, even though I ate "healthy." Finally after college I learned about "non-hybrid" food and since then I've never breathed as well as I do now. I also stopped getting sick and coughing like I used to in the winter, which was a MIRACLE for me. (I live in New Jersey).

In today's world we can't afford wasting time sifting through a million sites, so I've done all that work for you.

This guide represents my greatest work.

This is the definitive guide to help you cross the finish line of the health journey you've begun.

You won't be able to find this information gathered all in one location anywhere else.

It has taken me YEARS of research and testing before I knew this was ready to share with you.

I know you will see an even greater change in your health and weight if you're willing to try the following at home.

Even if you've been following the LCHF diet perfectly for years without cheating, this can still help you.

In fact, I made this guide is made specifically for you. So many people are confused why the weight might have came off easily in the beginning, but now they are stuck (chapter 2).

This guide will allow you to put on the finishing touches to your existing routine (chapters 3 & 5).

If you've fallen off the wagon in the past, this can also help you (chapter 4).

This guide is NOT for you if you are perfectly happy with your LCHF diet. If you don't feel like things could get better, then there's no point in reading any further. I much rather say this now then to waste any of your time.

Also, if you're looking to just become "more informed" then you can go here.

But if you're looking to find something you can take action on and follow through with, then you have found the right place!

I want this guide to be the LAST guide you will need to read.

Why do something if you're not ready to give it your all? That's what I tell myself.

Are you ready to change?

Before you dive into this guide, I want to stress that human nature is to be comfortable. To only do what feels good and is easy, and to just deal with the consequences down the road.

I don't want you to fall into this trap. I want you to read this guide and take action right away. That's why I'm including checklists throughout the guide just for you to fill out.

I organized this guide to provide you with a clear understanding first (chapters 1 and 2), then we cover your strategy (chapters 3 & 4), and finally specific tips to try at home to ensure your weight-loss success (chapter 5).

The links below will make it easy for you to come back at any time and pick up where you left off.

1. The Good Parts of LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat)

2. Why this Diet doesn't Always Work?

     a. Understanding Insulin (Forget Calories)

     b. 3 Food Groups that Increase Insulin (plus "carb chart" rankings)

     c. Which Medicine Increases Insulin? (plus chart)

3. 2-Step Process to Jumpstart Weight Loss Again

     a. Liquid Fasting (who, when, how, plus timelines)

     b. Top 6 Non-Hybrid Vegetables (plus checklist)

4. Mental Success

     a. 3 Biggest Mistakes We Make and How to Avoid Them

     b. How to Get Back on Track After Fucking Up

     c. 3 Metrics to Track Your Progression (Forget Anything Else)

     d. What to Tell Your Kids and Family About LCHF

5. Putting This Guide into Action

     a. Top 5 Ways to Cut Down Meal Prep Time

     b. Sample Meals for One Week

     c. Grab-and-Go Alternatives

     d. Drinks

     e. "Eat Out" Guilt-Free

     f. Shopping List and Places to Buy Online

     g. Doing This Alone? Here's Your Challenge!

If you did a before pic right now would you cover your face?

We should be able to once again enjoy going out with friends on the weekend. That means not having to feel guilty or distracted by calories. Nobody wants to feel sympathy from their friends or feel singled out after all.

We don't have to become overwhelmed by a million little details if we just focus on the BIG WINS. Nobody wants to really turn into the jittery "health nut" and there's no need to. So-called experts that promote that lifestyle understand nothing about human psychology. I'll show you how you can still see better results than them and earn the right to have guilt-free cheat meals, whether it's cheesecake, chicken wings or drinking with friends. Whether you're vegetarian or not this guide will help.

Remember, this is not your typical "eat less, burn more" guide. If that simple mantra worked we wouldn't still be looking for something more.

Even though I could easily charge for what I'm about to share with you, I know it can help a lot of people and so I just ask for your help with sharing this page.

how to get the most from this guide (baby steps)

start out as small as possible. Small steps become HUGE wins. It's extremely important for us to value and celebrate each small win. (but I won't tell you less than what's required)

The key is to not get overwhelmed by changing too much, too soon. Food after all is rightfully a part of our identities. It's the glue that got our family to sit down together, spark conversation, and now gives us something to look forward to when we come home from a LONG tiresome day at work.

For that reason, I recommend trying one thing at a time and waiting to move on until it has become familiar. Then when you're ready, return back to this guide and try out the next tip.

It's a big mistake to read this and not apply any of the tips, or just one of them.

To make this easier for you, I've prepared a checklist so you can keep track of your progress. This is what highly successful people do. They always find ways to avoid taking on too much all at once.

Weight loss and getting healthy is a journey, not a destination. Becoming overwhelmed is the biggest obstacle to reaching any goal, so that's not what we're going to do here.

(How awesome?)

I'm going to not only show you what works, but also how to make sure each tip easily becomes a part of your new daily ritual without having to rely on discipline. Scott Adams put it best when he said:

"Losers have goals. Winners have systems."

In other words, information alone doesn't have the power to change behavior. Willpower always reaches its limit and runs out. But you can develop any habit you want as long as you consciously plan ahead of time the right way so you're not making any in-the-moment decisions. It's a concept called "automating your success" and I'll show you what I mean specifically in a bit.

We're going to be combining the best of psychology and nutrition in a way never seen before to call forth the best version of YOU.

I’ll show you the mistakes that he made and how you can avoid them

Chapter 1: The good parts of LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat)

Chapter 2: Why this Diet doesn't Always Work?

1. Understanding how Insulin (not calories) is the true cause of Weight Gain

2. The 3 foods groups that increase Insulin (plus “carb chart” rankings)

3. Which Medicine increases Insulin?

Is it ok to have cheese, meat, and starch every once in a while?

"Eat Less, Move More"

Chapter 3: 2-Step Process to Jumpstart Weight Loss Again

1. 2-step process (liquid fasting and eating non-hybrid vegetables)

2. When you should not fast (understanding tolerances)

3. How to make your first liquid fast feel like you’re cheating (plus how often and how long)

4. 6 of the best superfoods to double your energy, focus, and weight loss (plus checklist)

You know that dazed feeling you get when your blood sugar is low because you skipped a meal. You don't have to do that! That is not going to help you long term.

Have trouble finding good "vegetarian protien" I have something you're going to love to hear. People say proetien for breakfast so you don't eat too much later on.

Chapter 4: Mental Success

1. The 3 biggest mindset mistakes we make (and how to avoid)

2. How to get back on track when you've fallen

3. The 3 metrics to track and what your goals should be (forget about anything else)

4. What to tell your kids (and family) about LCHF

Chapter 5: Putting this Guide into Action

1. Top 5 ways to cut down meal-prep time

2. Sample meals for one week (compared to traditional meals)

3. Sample grab-and-go meals

3. Drinks

4. How to "eat out" guilt-free

If you're going to cheat, cheat with great cakes. Not with crap cakes food that's convent. Not a crash diet.

5. Shopping list and places to buy online

6. Here's your challenge!

grab and go meals - You probably don't think about what you're eating because you're always so busy.  Everyone knows how busy life can be when you have an infant at home, plus an older child. You skip meals and eat whatever you can get a hand on. A sandwich from the corner store, a bag of chips, pizza every night.

You might even buy all the stuff to eat healthy and then throw it out because you don't have the time to cook all these complicated healthy meals. So here comes take out.

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